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D44 knuckles and brake options


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August 8, 2009
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'91 xl m5 4x4
Looking at brake options for us 1st Gen Ploders and I am not so keen I'll be able to find all the parts I want from a suitable Ranger. So thinking perhaps the D44 knuckle might be better. Searching the forum did not yield much on this particular topic.

Any thoughts as to what kind of brakes I could upgrade to? This upgrade would be done once I get my hands on a suitable rear disc setup from a 2nd Gen Ploder and an locker/rings of choice. This would get me to a solid foundation for a lift and tires I am hoping to work on over next summer.

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There are a few posts on D44 knuckle swaps- It doesn't seem that hard.


Not 44 knuckles but how I modified my 35 TTB knuckles to accept GM 44 parts. Changes the wheel pattern form 5 on 4.5 to 5 on 5.5. So you will need adapters for your wheels to work or new wheels.

Rick had the info on this site at one time.

Happy Jack - Thanks for the info, cool install. Not too sure I wan to go the same route you did. I do like the availability of GM parts in the few scrap yards 2hours away from home, but I would much rather stay Ford. I also don't want to fabricate much, if at all. I'd rather plug and play, even if it cost me a bit more dough.

Flip - Yes, there is a bit of info on the swap, but I am focusing on the brake side of things. This is where I am not finding much info.

Just discovered the similar threads portion of the page and am searching there...

As a side note, I live in a small rural community in Alaska and don't have access to junk yards so it makes it a real challenge when considering the options for modifying my truck.

Wood1 has a page of usefull TTB links that has all the info. Have to dig to get it all!!!

Sounds like Chevy calipers and Ford D44 knuckles do marry well. This is a doable thing for me.

Thanks guys!

Could you swap d44 hd knuckles with the bigger rotor then the 5 lug version? I also believe ssbc ( stainless steel brake co) makes stuff for ford trucks but likely will take a phone call and big bucks.

tcruaceri - I'm not sure what the difference is with the HD knuckles. But I think they would work, but not sure. Would need to research more. I bet Wood1 would know.
Yes, SSBC would be spendy!

I dont think they make a D44HD in TTB. Just the D44 and D50. The knuckles have to come from a TTB axle.

Thats right... They used the D44-hd or the D50 depending on GVW.