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DaExplorer's 1997 Explorer 4x4 SOHC

I finally went Elite so I decided to make my own Registry,
I recently purchased a Ford Explorer of my very own. Although this is My first it is technaclly the 4th Explorer that I have been involved with, two were my son's, CjExplorer, and one was a doner vehicle we picked up cheap which we later fixed up and sold for a nice profit. So I have now worked on a 91,94,95 and now a 97.

I sold my Nissan Frontier in Feb and started my search for a decent daily driver. Man there are a lot of pieces of junk out there. After an eight month search I became the proud new owner of a Ford Explorer which I bought in October of 2010

Here are the Specs:
1997 Explorer XLT Control Trac 4x4
it is a White 4 Door with Tan Interior
it has the V6 SOHC with auto transmission and seems fast.
It has about 141,000 Miles

Best yet is it looks like my son's Explorer.

Pictures :













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Nice rig mate! Looks like she rolled off the assembly line yesterday. Sweet, Don.

nice x u got there don

Glad you finally got a good looking explorer after all that searching we did.
Its cool to have a common hobby and i look forward to spending alot of father-son bonding time around the Explorers. Looking forward to taking your X to mammoth in January and our Truckhaven adventure the week after.:thumbsup:

Also glad i finally converted you and congrads on becoming Elite:salute:
I think youre going to get sucked in (like me) and spend hours on this great site:thumbsup:

Thought I should do some updating since I last posted to this a whole year ago.

Before the end of 2010 Chris helped me personalize my Explorer with appropriate decals, including Explorer Forum on the back window and an Explorer decal across the top of the windshield (Chris’ is Ford)

Chris made me one of his custom built storage boxes (by CJExplorer) for the back so I can keep all my emergency supplies.
We replaced the factory roof racks with Yakima racks and a stock black faring. You can tell ours apart because Chris has a custom built white one.
He installed my CB in the center console and Pa speaker up front.
We both installed some small driving lights in the space of the front bumper.
I installed air shocks on the rear so I can adjust the rear height depending on loads.

I enjoyed taking my Explorer this time (Chris took his last year) on a week long Snowboarding trip to Mammoth Mountain the first part of January 2011. We returned home, unloaded snow gear and left for Truck haven, Where I met some GREAT people and where we all had a GREAT time. That experience really sold me on the ability of the Explorers. For being a stock Explorer it went almost everywhere the big boys went.

Shortly after we returned home found out that my father in law ‘s bladder cancer had advanced and he had to have surgery. Off to New Mexico for over a month and things on it kind of stopped for a while. Made several trips to NM including one with the Explorer. (10 hour drive each way) My X averaged between 20 and 24 mpg, not bad for a 97 with 150000 miles.

Here it is the end of 2011 and need to update what I have done.

I replaced the front rotors with Eline Performance (sold by R1Concepts) drilled and slotted rotors. (I did these to my wife’s van about two ago and been happy with them) I installed the ceramic brake pads that came with them. What a difference the ceramic makes. No brake dust anymore on the front aluminum rims after my mountain trips.
I liked them so much that I just installed them on Chris’ X.
I also added an K&N drop in filter.

Next project (before Truck haven 2012) is to install the Warrior shackles (just arrived), do the Torsion twist and install front shocks on order.

Just trying to keep the twins looking similar.


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I got busy just before Christmas and was able to install the Warrior shackles, then did the torsion twist to bring the front up to level. Gave it a nice look. I then installed the Bilstein shocks up front.

Now I'm ready for the Truckhaven 2012 trip.:D

Congrats on the lift man! How much did those bilsteins run you?

Congrats on the lift man! How much did those bilsteins run you?

Thanks Keeper,
Ordered them from shockwarehouse.com, delivered was 137.90 for the pair.

Well I finally had to have the transmission rebuilt. Ouch$$. O'well needed it done right. Had been acting up, slow to go into reverse and some slower shifts. During the holidays CJ and I took our Ex's off road in Big Bear, Cactus flats area. Had a good time in snow and mud. No real trouble but wanted it checked out before Truckhaven 2012. Took it into East County Transmission in Santee. Known Mike the owner for some time and has done other transmissions for us. After looking it over he said that it was only a matter of time before it went. He believed that it was the original transmission and after 152000 miles was just worn out. (I learned the hardway once when he tells me this to just do it. It is A lot easier and safer than being stranded and waiting for tow trucks)
Anyway one more thing taken care of and still off for Truckhaven next weekend.

Oh one more thing. Found a Yakima roof basket for mine. One more thing to keep mine looking like Chris'.

I love the paint roller pan under the brake as you're working on it. So simple yet so genius!

And I love those '97s!

where's my ride?

Guess winter is not over in southern California. Had a getaway this weekend and when I came out this morning I couldn't find my white Explorer. Just kidding. Couldn't even see the Yakima racks or faring. Guess I'll throw another log in the fireplace.


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That is more snow than we've seen here in PA all winter. Heck, it was 77 yesterday, and about 75 today, really warm for this time of year.