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daily driver project

mark, that was talking about the valve covers on my 3.8 supercharged thunderbird. it never leaked or gave me any problems, but now its the new owners problem if it ever starts leaking :rolleyes:

thanks for the offer. i'll keep it in mind on my next explorer project

whoops.. I didn't noticed you were talking about that one.. too many vehicles for me to keep track of (I can't keep track of what I have, let alone what someone else has)


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sold the t-bird. it wasn't on the marked, but some lady wanted to buy it, so i said sure. this should help me get motivated to fix the brakes on the black ex, because right now the navajo is my DD again.

Ahhh that sucks!:( I hate unemployment

why does that suck? i needed to get rid of it eventually, so selling it now worked out to be the esiest sell i've ever did

It only sucked cause I was hoping to be the one to buy it.

im stsrting to think that maybe its a good thing i didn't sell it to someone i know. it ws shady and the tranny was going. i didn't want to sell anyone i know something thats gonna suck

picked something up yesterday







$800, just needs paint

want to give a BIG thanks to

Brian (Bkennedy)
Jason (Exploderpilot)
and of course Jim

none of this would be possible without them


Looks like they did a good job:thumbsup:

Looks good, looks like all the panels line up right and the gaps are pretty consistently spaced. What's your plan for this one and the black one?

froader, you can have a crossbar from the navajo, im planing on taking them off anyways. i only use those little knob things to tie stuff down.

plans for the black:

fix it a little, drive it for a while, sell it!

plans for the white (and black and grey):

let it sit for a bit while i work on the black
collect a few exterior things i want painted with it
paint it gloss black and keep as my daily driver
make a registry for it and slowly build it into a real nice car

not yet ;)

why would you need sport seats?

Sport buckets are the same as my front seats, as opposed to captains chairs. I want to put buckets in the rear. You've had a few explorers coming in and out so I thought I'd try. :)

update: explorer cought on fire

well here's the latest... i've been driving the black explorer a bit, but the trans runs like crap, it won't go into overdrive, there's a weird noise on the inside of the car when you give it gas, and there's something leaking onto the exhaust that starts smoking. i was gonna get it checked out a bit today, but last night i drove to my friends house and when i parked it started smoking real bad. me and my friend just laughed and didn't think much of it and went inside to watch the movie "the invasion". sirens and cop cars were heard outside and my friends dad said "someones car is on fire" i ran out and just as i thought, it was mine :( :rolleyes:

nothing to bad, it was just by the fire wall and a few wires and hoses melted. i didn't see the fire cause the neighbors put it out before i came outside. but the firefighters were there and sprayed the engine down and the inside of the car still smells like burning.

so now i guess i'll be driving the white/grey/black explorer, since its all i have left.

anybody want to buy a nice black explorer off me? good exterior, engine runs good, very firery firewall :D

Awww man that sucks to hear that:eek:

Wow Robbie, you've always got something interesting going on with one of your cars. Really sorry to hear that though, even if it didn't cause a lot of damage, that still sucks. Luckily you weren't driving when it happened.

sean, you don't want it. if you want to put a new tranny in it, then maybe it is right for you. but honestly the thing sucked. the tranny was crappy. the only thing that worked good was the engine. the black will probably be parted out, just to get rid of the headache of it. but oh boy is it nice to drive my white explorer again. feels like home :)

but this fire thing was pretty weird, cause me and my friends were laughing the whole time, cause we thought it was funny that that peice of crap lit up. and it smoked really bad before and me and my friends were like "oh yay we got it to smoke, lets do a dance for it" everyone else was so serious. like "wow your really calm, i would be freaking out if my car lit on fire" but even though it didn't hit me to hard, it still sucks. cause i don't want to work on that thing anymore :(

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I might be interested in some parts off it.