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damm lifter noise..gone


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September 28, 1999
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'91 xl sport
I got rid of my lifter rattling/ ticking/tapping noise. I just changed the rocker arms and pushrods. The rockers and pushrods were badly worn. (193,000 miles). I was planning to install a new engine, new lifters, camshaft really soon. I had the parts (rockers and pushrods) from a very low mileage 4.0 ohv and decided to install them. Well I did and all of that rattling, tapping, ticking, noises went away. I guess I didn't have a bad lifter, just worn out rockers and pushrods. All it took was 2 hours to install with hand tools.
So if your explorers OHV engine is tapping like crazy, you could just have worn out rockers and pushrods. Beats having to pull the heads and change those $200 lifters. Not to mention all the labor associated with changing lifters.. Maybe I could get another 100,000 miles out of the engine. :confused:

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does the engine drive better now? like performance has been revitalized? or is it the same just quiet like they should be?

I haven't worked on this engine before but quick question about the rockers, I believe they are they type you just torque them all down to say 25 ft/lbs (just making that number up) and you are good to go. Or do you have to set the valve lash on this engine?

Thanks and glad it was an easy fix for you.

And in addition to Matt's questions did you just get the replacements off a parted-out engine or do you have some recommendations on where to get newer ones.

The OHV is zero lash.

The rocker arms are of a shaft style where all the rockers on one bank are on a shaft. You just tighten the shaft bolts (3 per side) to 50 ft lbs. They are set automatically to zero lash because of the hydraulic lifters. I got the parts from a very low mileage engine. But, you can buy them directly from your Ford dealer. You will need 12 pushrods and 2 shaft rocker arms. And also 2 valve cover gaskets.

Performance wise I can't tell any performance increase verus the worn out parts. But the engine is a whole lot quieter just like when I bought it.