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Damn red light runners!!!


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January 17, 2003
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Originally posted by '96explorereddiebauer
Thanks for the kind words guys!! I really need help now. The insurance company is willing to offer $4900 for the car. That's way too low for our taste so we're going to negotiate for a better price. According to Kelly Blue Book, I can get at least $6000 retail. Do insurance companies go for that price?? Another question is what should I say when I'm negotiating with them. I'm sorry for asking a lot of questions. Thanks!!!

First of all the kelly blue book price that you probably got for it is what you, as a non car dealer, would sell the car, monetary wise, to another non-car dealer buyer. Like if you were to sell it at the end of the drive way type of thing. you need to get the trade in value and then knock off about a thousand or more to get what an insurance company will give you. Insurance companies have their own books to go by on how to pay their customers for a totaled car. Personally, I'd be happy with the 4900 from the insurance company instead of beating a dead horse. Also, finding insurance for a salvaged title is hard, and expensive.


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June 11, 2000
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Thank you all for the kind words and advise given. We went ahead and settled at $5000. I looked around and found that's what the dealers are actually selling for. Oh well...I took some pics today while my dad was pulling our stereo out.







I read the police report today. What happened was that my dad was going straight through an intersection while the girl was trying to make a left turn. So if you think about it, my dad had the right of way because he was going straight. The girl failed to yield the right of way when making a left turn. So she plowed into the van.

My sister cried hysterically when she saw it. It has been a very sad day. :(