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Dana 35 in rear with auto lockers


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November 19, 2011
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1997 - Explorer XLT SOHC
Hi guys,

I don't know if it's a stupid question or not, but i wanted to know if a dana 35 from the front end of a second gen explorer would bolt up in replacement to an LSD rear diff. Or did the second gen come out with a Dana 35 in the rear?

I want to get auto lockers (mechanical) for the front, but i have learnt that most people seem to make auto lockers for Dana 35 diffs, not the stock LSD diffs. Two questions with this: Will a Dana 35 in the rear locked be strong enough? And will the auto locker stay always engaged?

If I understand your question correctly, no you cannot put a front D35 diff into the rear axle. The rear is a Ford 8.8" (completely different, and much larger axle).

IIRC, Powertrax has some lockers to fit the 8.8" L/S carrier, however I would suggest a Detroit Locker or something else in there instead. The standard 8.8" stock carrier isn't the strongest piece in the axle, and the L/S carrier even less so. A Detroit would fully eliminate the carrier as a weak link.

Thanks, yes you understood me correctly. Thanks for the detailed answer.