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Dana 35 pich bolt head size?


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July 8, 1999
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Dana 35 pinch bolt head size?

OK, I need to know what size the 12 point head of the pinch bolt on the axle is. Its the bolt that holds the camber/caster bushing in place. Im doing my ball joints/u-joints/brakes/differential work. I dont have (can't find) a 12 point socket that fits- 1/2" is the smallest I have and its either 7/16" or maybe a 11,12 or 13mm . I have about a 100 6 point sockets, but I cant get one on to be sure.

Anyone help me out so I can go buy the right size.


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I believe it is 10mm, it may be 12mm. It is metric.......

Pretty sure it's 12mm.


Thanks Guys

It is 12 mm - went and got the socket and got everything out with almost no problems- except for a fat lip from a flying camber bushing :( . Prying a bit too hard on it and it just flew out. ouch.
Should get the knuckles back tomorrow with the new joints pressed in, I have to replace a frozen u-joint now though.

Thanks again.

Man you are lucky the buxhing came flying out, I spent two hours battling one of those suckers and yes I had sprayed it with penetrating oil for a few days.......