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Dana 44/60 question


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November 3, 2004
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Not entirely sure if this should be best placed here, if it isnt it can be moved anyhow.

Basically, Im just curious how changing the yoke on the diffs would work.. I've got a dana 44 out of a 79 bronco and a dana 60 out of I think a bronco as well, or f150, its the one with the stock 5x5 1/2 pattern. Basically, I believe the Dana 44 has a 1340 yoke or something like that, and my Dana 35 TTB has a 1310 yoke. Can I take the yoke off my TTB and put it on the Dana 44? If not, could I buy this yoke
and be able to use my stock front driveshaft (lengthening is needed Im sure, but Im just concerned with the yokes atm). Same goes for the Dana 60, I believe it has a yoke similar to the Dana 44 (mine doesnt, the guy I bought it from took the yoke as well as the gears), and my question for it is can I use the flange mount yoke off my 8.8? Im pretty sure I cant because the pinions on both the Dana axles are bigger than my axles, but is the mounting bolt bigger too?

Planning on starting my SAS sometime this year, hopefully be done before/in May for my birthday and Im just picking out the smaller things now.

Thanks in advance.

Blah I just noticed the yokes have splines on'em. There goes that plan for using the yokes I already have lol, but I found this flanged mount yoke for the D60 too

Would that accept the stock explorer rear shaft? It looks like it would, but its just a picture and not something Im holding in my hands to compare.