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Dana 44/60 swap in 91 explorer

Started a couple weeks ago on swapping fullwidth dana 44 and 60 in my 91 sport. Pretty much stock explorer, other than the rust that wasn't a factory option.

Here's the specs on the swap:

front axle: 73 F150 dana 44, 4.56 gears, detroit locker, flat top knuckles, chevy disc brake conversion, custom high steer arms, custom steering links, wristed arm, 5.5" wild horses PR coils.

rear axle: 79 F350 full float dana 60, chevy disc brake conversion, 4.56 gears, ARB locker, spring over suspension lift.

Not doing much else other than the axles right now. Sorry I don't have pics, my main computer crashed and it has all the pics right now. Using old laptop in the mean time so I'll get some pics up as soon as I can.

Got a brand new set of meats sitting in the garage waiting for the swap. 36x13.50x15 TSL IROKS on white wagon wheels.

Here is a link to the post on RRORC.com that has some pics. CLICK HERE

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Awesome. Good luck on the swap. :D

Excellent. That thing's gonna be loaded. One question/comment though, 4.56's will be a little high for 36x13's won't they?

eventually it will have a doubler or an atlas. I still want to be able to drive it on the street occasionall if need be.

Here is the final product. Started this project June 1st and finished it july 14th. Took a weeks vacation in there so ended up having about 30 days worth of work into it. Wheeled it pretty hard for 3 days at Chubfest and had no problems whatsoever. Here is a link to some pictures. Still can't post pics here.

Click here for pics of final product

Looks great! Nice to see you got it done in a relatively short amount of time too! Where did you get those D rings from? Did you just slide them through a hole in the frame? I've considered doing that but couldn't find a D ring wide enough for the frame rail.

That thing kicks!!
Very nice work sir, and in short order!

^^What they said. :D Looks great man. Looks like it wheels great too. :thumbsup:

D-rings are from a local tractor supply store. I welded them to the frame just under the bumper. Seem to be pretty strong (haven't had to use them yet). It wheels great, very smooth. Need some beadlocks so I can air down to get the full effects of the tires, but other than that, not gonna change a thing!

Thanks for the compliments!

Yeah I started searching eBay after I posted that and found the exact same ones, weld on and everything. $20 bucks shipped.

That is HUGE! Good job! :thumbsup:

How did you set up your radius arms? wristed/heims etc...
Did you trim any of the rear wheel opening for the 36's to fit
Looks nice :thumbsup:

Stock radius arms - wristed on passenger side. I have yet to pull the pin. Those pics are with the pin still in. I wanted to wheel it for a couple days before I pulled the pin to get more flex.

I moved the front axle forward 2 inches, but still trimmed the fenders quite a bit. I folded the fenders under about an inch on both the rear and the front. The rear has about 2 inches out of it also. The only place it rubbed was against the firewall behind the front tires. Still need to beat all that back a bit to keep from ripping up my new tires.

Once you pull the pin post up some shots of the increase in travel :thumbsup:

Cool! Might be a while. The checking account/credit cards are still a little bruised after this whole deal. Don't plan on another run till November, but I'll be sure to take the camera with me.