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Dana 44/8.8/9 Thrust washers


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November 1, 2017
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Posting in case anyone else needs the INFO:

The Dana 44/AMG 20/Ford 8.8 share almost the same axle gear thrust washer as the 31 spline Ford 9 inch.

Found this out when I was checking clearances for my Aussie Locker in my 9 inch. I'm out of spec so I called Tech and ran some measurements with her.

They aren't exactly the same ID/OD but checking the carrier (on the 9) it will work, which I confirmed those numbers with the tech chick.

The factory thrust washer thickness on all of them is 0.030. Aussie has thin (don't remember), stock (0.030) and thick (0.042) thrust washers available. I ordered the thick set for $26.00 with free Priority shipping.

Should have the new washers in monday I will post pictures and exact measurements if anyone wants them