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Dana 44, axles, engines

Rear Discs

Rick, is it completely impossible to get the holes in the current rotor? What about a custom job? I know...custom=more money but if it allows you to continue to run the discs in the rear it might be worth it. Want a totally expensive route...I am sure Brembo or Baer could set you up with great brakes. I looked at Baer's site here and noticed that they have rotors from 12 to 14 inches. How does 14 inch rotors squezed by four piston calipers sound? And to think that these don't even do most of the braking? What is the size of your rotors in the back? I have been thinking about getting a junked 8.8 from a 95 (that's when it changed right) and putting in 4.56s...depending money ARB, Auburn, or Detriot and floating it. Can I still float with disc? I have not looked at that tech article, but I wonder if I could bore out the center enough. Anyways, Rick, let us know if you sell those discs. I know many would be interested. Have fun! :D

It looks like I can keep my discs after all. I called Moser, they make custom axle shafts, they said that I won't have any problem using a 5 - 5-1/2" bolt pattern with a 6-1/4" axle flange.

Sorry Ryan...it looks like I'm keeping the disc brakes after all.

A new set of axles with studs is going to run about 350.00 delivered. http://www.moserengineering.com

Ah bummer... ahh well. I will get a dana 60 some day anyway! :D