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Dana Safety Supply


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February 3, 2020
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I spent some time this morning at the new install center. Huge is an understatement. It is divided into two sections. One side is being set up as a distribution center for the SW. The other half is for vehicle installs. They do the entire enchilada here. From lights to decals, radios, etc. They get direct shipments from the GM plant in Arlington, TX. They keep a lot full of white unsold Tahoes. Conversion to B&W is easy using a wrap. For departments wanting all black, a quick call to Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, TX solves that issue. The GSM Hank G keeps no less than 50 in stock at all times.
This give one an idea of just how large the place is. I am parked backed up to the south security fence looking North on the backside of the building.


Yes, that is a radar detector on the dash. I have no desire to have a gtg with a fellow LEO on the side of the road. My ST has civilian plates.

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Very cool. Thanks for the photos:chug:

My bad ......... I forgot to take interior pictures. Duh .......... They have no restrictions on such. :D
I may drive back up tomorrow and take some. Forty-plus install bays is mind-boggling, to say the least.

From the inside:
Federal DEA seizure and forfeiture car being converted for undercover/pursuit work.
Sadly, my camera phone does not really give the true width and depth of the install facility. This is only one half. The other half which is approximately the same sq footage is warehouse/distribution and not open to the public for safety reasons.
US Marshal pickup. Site mgr going through an equipment check while I was there. Those are siren speakers in the lower bumper opening. Strobes in the headlight housings. Visor lights and rear interior light bar. I was told that other than the plates, it will have no visible markings on the body.


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They have been so busy since moving from the old site a few miles away that the vehicle lifts have not been installed. They sit unassembled on the warehouse side. They are resorting to using portable ramps when needed.