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dangerous drives,,,,,, Moab on tv now!

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February 29, 2004
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2002 SPORT
IS anyone else watching this on speed channel?? Looks like a fun time!

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I just set my DVR to record the next showing.

Thanks for the post, im recording it here in a few. :)

Cool show :thumbsup:

I do not understand why, with all the rigs built on 35-39 krawlers, would they put the one little guy on 33" all terrains up front? If they would have put him in the middle he could have been easily strapped over most of the stuff and not had to run the winch line. It really didnt make any sense to me?

It really didnt make any sense to me?
The whole show!

They made it seem a lot worse than it was. At least what they showed on TV, anyway. They "really tested the Jeep's capabilities..." All they showed that Jeep do is drive in the middle of the pack on flat ground.

The "filler" footage was more interesting than them ramming snow. The dude in the Rover must have said "dead" or "death" 30 times in his interview! And the narrator... good grief.

I didn't like it. :)

AEV makes some good products. Their AEV/nth lifts are well engineered to have better than OEM stability on the roads with the clearance and capabilities off-road.

The show itself was better than most "Dangerous Drive" episodes, but it seem to be missing something....

Saw most of it - but then cleaning/vacuuming seemed more entertaining.
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Speed Chanel is really coming up with some lame crap. There was some new new show last night called the Racing Cheff I think. I don't remember as I was WTF is this crap.

Hell the shows they have now make Unique Whips look good.

Also, they "aired down to 20psi"- hell, i run that on the highway. :p:

would they put the one little guy on 33" all terrains up front?

that is their version of Jeff/SVO, they were using him to see how deep the water was, so they would know...when they got to it whether to drive thru or drive around the submarine captian