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Dannyboy's Re-Registry

What better time than now to do this.

Here is my old 94

Just when my transmission crapped out again, I saw my current 91 for sale on this forum. Joe (Lilmule) owned the truck since new and moved to Milwaukee. When I got this truck I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Honestly, I purchased the truck for the glass fenders and C4/C5 transmission setup. I didn't want to deal with TTB, didn't know who "Autofab" was and didn't like that it was spring under and had some 9" axle that I knew nothing about. Here was the plan, combine these 2 trucks, solid axles, updated glass, C4/C5 tranny, 37" swampers, and ditch the blue truck.


Luckily for me and this truck, I didn't have time to start parting it down. I took it out on a few rides, fully rusted out and couldn't believe the "shalackin" I could put into this truck. I spoke with Joe on the phone a few times over the first year and he kept going on about how great this setup is but never really knocked my solid axle idea or told me what to do. I did start to see that some serious money was spent on this rig the first time it was built.

When Joe mentioned his bill was in the 5 digit numbers at various places like Autofab, Currie/Mogi etc, I realized that I needed to do some more digging into what I had gotten myself into.

Disappointed my 94 that had nearly $30,000 into over the years was sitting dead with transmission parts in a box in the backseat, I researched what I had. I realized that the blue 91 was the truck to move forward with, XL over a Limited means less issues, power features to short out and it had some serious potential. I parted down my 94 and laid it to rest.


The for sale ad even said "Needs TLC, after that..."

and this brings me up to speed.

I ran this truck for a while, my avatar photo was taken without spending $1 on this truck, I couldn't belive taking a truck that was sitting could handle this abuse. This little thing was just a machine.


Then I went to Truckhaven and it was pointed out by other members that I had some work to do, a shackle was nearly rusted through, radius arm bushings were toast, etc. I didn't care, I have a trailer and a tow rig...this trip it paid to have them. I was running a wash and snapped the passenger side u bolts, puncturing the tire and leaving the truck not driveable. I don't even think a trail repair would have gotten me to drive this out.


I still got a good weekend of wheeling out of this truck and still had the attitude that I could leave it behind if something happened to it for how cheap I bought it.

Still considering the Dana 44 I have sitting at my house, I decided that I didn't want to give up the speed. I visited Autofab while in San Diego and John was a very cool guy for discussing a truck he built probably over ten years ago. It was at that point I decided to go forward with the original intention.

One trip to Truckhaven with some new updates such as 33x12.50s instead of 33x9.50s, new spring pack to replace the original 11 leaf spring under pack (which raised the rear of the truck nearly 5" from the tired pack), new brakes, auxilay fuse panel, the bumper from my 94 got me excited making it look like a whole new truck.


It was at this point I got bit bad by the bug. I needed new shocks, the rear was just too bouncy, I was going fast and am madly in love with the lady who loves to ride shotgun so now 2 lives needed to be protected and lots of stuff needed to be fixed to keep up with this speed.

Well, 6 months in the fab shop, the truck has just had it's first run with the "new" setup.

So here is the breakdown

Ford 4.0
KKM filter
stainless intake
hypertech chip

C5 3 speed built by Mogi Enterprises with all C4 internals
reverse valve bodied (an auto but you need to manually shift)
Art Carr shifter
B&M tranny pan

Transfer Case
Stock pushbutton transfer case (button in a not-so-stock dash)
spaced back since C5 tranny is much shorter than stock, retaining stock front driveline length

Front End
Dana 35 TTB, AutoFab kit (the $3600 kit before shocks!!!) inlcudes extended radius arms, tranny crossmember, triple shock mount (1 behind, 2 in front) currently running Rancho 5000s but 3 of them keep it in control
16" of wheel travel approx 6" of raised height over stock
4.56 gears-no locker (don't want one)
warn manual hubs
5/8" wheel studs
limiting straps
"Winter" mods on inner axle shaft and passage



Rear End
Ford 9" built by Currie, fully trussed
4.56 gears w/ Detroit quick lock
Disc brakes, Wilwood 4 piston calipers, 2 piece rotors (see writeup)
5/8" wheel studs
Valley Spring Service 11 leaf spring under leaf pack
Total Chaos low profile u-bolt retention plates
King 3.0 16" travel triple bypass piggyback shocks
Aftermarket Shackles
Wilwood brake proportioning valve



I've ran several setups, currently running 35" BFG Krawlers on 15x10 steel wheels.

Other Exterior
Perry's 2000 conversion front end, 6" pull fiberglass
4 pin removable fiberglass hood
autofab prerunner front bumper
Dannyboy's designed rear bumper/2" receiver
Rock sliders
2-8" 130 watt driving lights
4 rocklights mounted 2' behind each wheel




HUNTER OFFROAD custom built roll cage-www.hunteroffroad.com
*all interior gutted for tight fit
*in-cargo shock mount for King shocks
*4 bucket seats incorporated and tied into cage
*ties into frame in 6 positions
*ties into body in 16 positions
*spreader bars
*A-pillar support (required windshield removal)
*1.75" steel and 1.5" (approx 130 feet total)
*Hi-lift Jack mounts, spare front/rear driveshafts, shovel, fire extinguisher mounts




Other work by Hunter Offroad
* removable Aluminum dash assembly
* custom built door skins (required with cage side support tubework
* hood pins for 4 pin removable hood





4 Corbeau bucket seats
4 Crow 5 point wrap-around harnesses
Auto Meter instrumentation gauges (Tach, Speedo, Oil pressure, Water, Fuel, Voltage, Transmission Temp) see writeup
12 Position Auxiliary fuse panel (see writeup)
Kenwood Receiver
Sirius Stiletto dash mount
Garmin Extrex Legend dash mount
CB radio
Full Recovery & Safety Gear + tools, parts









Here is my 3 step process to access all tools/cargo until I get a tire carrier of some sort built
tools/camping chairs/spare parts safely secured

Spare fluids in tote that securely fits under shock mount.

Tire just barely fits with 10PSI

Not sure where to list this, but I installed my Willwood proportioning valve to get the rear braking under control, can adjust front/rear brake distribution from the drivers seat

ROCK ON! Thanks for looking.

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hey danny your CB is upside down to the driver :) LOL

Awesome truck, awesome work thus far! You still have that dana 44 sitting at your house?

Yup, thats because the speaker is on the bottom.

And yes, the Dana 44 is still at my house. The axle is staying with me since I dumped almost $3K into it (Detroit, 5.13s, Chromo shafts, ox joints, warn hubs, blah blah blah) but RangerX is going to get the Radius arms, crossmember, coilbuckets and shock towers, track bar etc for his full width project.

dude.. you truck is my favorite TTB on this site. your last picture with the rock on devil horns pretty much says it all. Your cage and interior is simply awesome. good work. I'm interested in that front bumper, how much was it?

Thanks man, I appreciate the compliment

My bumper was on the truck when I bought it, from Autofab info here
http://www.autofab.com/Ranger home.htm

and more info here

http://www.autofab.com/skidplat and bumpers.htm

and that bumper is proven, Joe, the prior owner had a car pull out in front of him and lit it up with no damage, and I also had a kid in a Mercedes fishtailing on a blind corner on the way back to a trail. I split that car all the way down the rear quarter and it left just a little paint.

The design with the "frame horns" is great for stability, I couldn't ever get my old bumper to stay solid.

Hey danny hows the leg room in the back? I need to get some buckets for my rear seat to. Theres no leg room at all with the stock seat.

This is my fabricator, he's 6'6", not the best fit, but it works. We had 4 people in the truck for a full day in Moab and nobody complained about leg room. I even spent some time in the back seat, I like it, the seats hug you right in and are really plush.


I also sit very far forward in any car I drive, not sure why, but I've got issues with my lower back and like my knees bent. I'm almost 6'4", my girl is about a foot shorter and we can both drive no problem with the seat permanantly mounted like it is.

Also JTX, major bummer about Moab, would have been good to meet with you.


Sweet man, thanks for that pic. I think i will put tube doors all the way around and buckets in the back. My problem right now is both rear door handles are completely broken. Im gonna have to use the cutting torch to get them off.

Ya i was pretty pist about Moab, i was literally a half mile from loading it on the trail. Oh well, theres always next year. There's gonna be a labor day run in Colorado, hopefully i can make that one.

looks good dang 6'6 my gf dad he is 6'8

My cousin Scott was capitan of the US olympic V ball team, hes 6'-9", his little brother is 6'-11". My dad is 6'-2" my brother is 6'-4", I take after my mom at 5'-10.5"

just thought I would throw that out there since we are sharing


Simply wow!....You should get a few more pics of your dash ;)

Looks Great Dan!!
I've got lots more idea's for the Lilmule! How deep are you pockets??!!
Your best bet would be to solid mount the there engine of yours or one day she'll be poppin' thru the hood and you'll leave her behind. Drive her hard one day with the hood off and you'll see!! I'm guessing at least 5" back and forth.
I'm glad to see I left her in good hands!
(Let's see full floater for the rear, tie in the front and cage the engine, can you say svo V6?)
Sorry I missed you when I was in town, but I had to get it and go!

Right on Joe, I wasn't sure if you made it out here. I like your ideas, I just need to let the bank account cool down and build back up a little. The truck is currently great in it's own form. I think I will try to let it sit as is for a year or two and just drive it.

Moab was a success and it's a really comfortable 4 seater, I spent some ample time in the back seat, still very fun.


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that right there is as far forward as I got on TOW my first year up there, 5 more trips to that spot and my d front tire is on the edge :)

Still trying to get my junk working the BII is down! The work you have done and the moab pics are inspiring, looks *****in

umm yeah, I really need my brake proportioning valve, I wore out a brand new set of rear pads in less than 1,000 miles. They are custom order pads too, I didn't even think to check rear pads since they were so new and I was spitting fluid past my pistons on my caliper so I had no pedal pressure when I took that pic. Not a good place to be inching up to the edge with bad brakes.

Go a lil overboard on the cage??

Looks good and safe though. :thumbsup:

Go a lil overboard on the cage??

Looks good and safe though. :thumbsup:

$10 helmet for a $10 head.....mine is worth it!!!

That looks like a lot of fun!!:D

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