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Dan's Half Cab


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September 11, 2009
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Salt Lake City, UT
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93 ex, chopped, 84 B2 5.0
Thought Id post some pics of my deceased BroncoII. I miss it. Half cab with removable hard top, cage, narrowed 44 TTB. 9in.


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some other stuff about the bronco. two piece rear gate. lower half swings with the tire carrier. top half swings with the factory hinges. took a donor vehicle for the first top. i think having done two now you could use one vehicle only. Cut the top and hatch at the glass line. glassed in the the lower the lower half the gate, welded in the "C" posts. capped the quarter and made a matching female piece for the upper C post. they bolt together. then the glass bolts back in.

What happened to it?

The body was tearing at the seams, the floor mostly. it had a broken frame when i bought in 2000. i fixed it but the damage was done.the top wasn't reinforced enough and had started to crack above the rain gutters at the rear. the final straw was the engine. it seized driving home from work one day. no warning. locked up barked the tires till i pushed in the clutch. so we stripped it, scrapped the shell. I hope to build another soon.

Damn. Definitely post a build thread so we can follow along! :thumbsup:

Deceased Build

Here are some Pics of my 44TTB. Its narrowed 5 in on each Beam. 4 between the coil and diff, 2 at the pivot. cut and turned at the lower ball joint (added 1 in back in). is has a tie rod flip. to run like the stock bronco II.


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Do you have any more pics or a build thread for the removable top? I have always wanted to do that!!

Here it is with the fenders cut, before the top chop.

working on a thread for the top. chop was pretty straight forward. lot of welding though.

Nice Dan, the roof - man that is killer! Did you fab the entire back like fiberglass or??- need more info on that :popcorn:

thanks. swapped pics. here is the photoshopped before pic.


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roof is all steel. factory sheetmetal.the gate is factory with glass added where we chopped it in half and aluminum reinforcement under the window.( 3/4 angle under the weather channel.

so my trick to a clean chop is using an 86 or newer truck with bolt in quarter glass. unbolt the glass, replace the weather seal foam on the glass for later. I cut the roof at the foward edge of the the curve for the window. i also cut the C pillar even with break of the window line. This gives you the most top material to work with. Like i said earlier, if you cut carefully you can use only one truck. (I think). The new drip channel for the rear of the cab is a hurdle still. i didnt like how this last one held up. one year and it tore. I also cut the gate under the window. basically cut the flange off the bottom of the window, straight out to the edge. then filled it back in with new glass mat. I sloped the top of the lower gate section toward the outside to match rest of the body line,and it improved the seal to the glass. Il get some pics on to shom this soon.