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Dark Stone Metallic ST with black grille?


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February 27, 2011
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Middletown, CT
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2007 Sport Trac Ltd.
Hey all, just wondering if anyone on the forum has a T7 color coded Sport Trac with an Iron Man or other black grille replacing the chrome one that came standard. Any pictures to show if off? Not a big fan of chrome here, but wondering how it will look on a Dark Stone Metallic (or Charcoal Beige Metallic) body.

My window sticker called the ST's color Dark Stone Metallic, but all the color codes I've seen for T7 call it Charcoal Beige metallic instead??? Thanks!

Is that the Green-Brown? Like so:

If that's the color you're thinking of, I have liked the black grills too, but I don't think it would turn out well over all.
Body colored grill might be cool though (ask your dealer where they get their paint work done).

If you're thinking of the more dark gray metallic STs, then I've no idea, and it might look pretty cool.

Yeah, that looks like my color, although, despite looking for it, I can't see any green in the paint--I see brown when the sun is shining on it brightly and gray the rest of the time. Charcoal beige metallic made sense when I saw the color code called that.

I guess I agree. I have reservations about the black grille on that color body, especially on a limited with more chrome or body color trim than black.

I would like a more aggressive nose--maybe a chrome grille that deletes the nostrils? Or maybe keeping the nostrils but adding a mesh or billet insert?

Anybody with pictures of their Sport Trac with any of those mods?

BTW, I like your ST--looks like my twin!

Thanks, and you could always sand the mirror and roof rack caps, then paint those black.

If you're going for more aggressive - Have you seen the "Bentley-style" grills? Some ppl over in the 06+ Modded Section have them.
Here's the link. With the Ford emblem placed in the middle (has to be done yourself) it looks kind of aggressive. I dunno, I'm not very good with assigning personal attributes to vehicles.