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Dash interchange question

Joe Dirt

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October 4, 2007
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07 Camry
I want to pull another gray dash for my swap, and there is a '98 at the boneyard with everything pulled off already (all I need is the dash shell) but it is for a half console Ex, and has the ashtray at the bottom below the radio controls. I have a full console going in. The ashtray surround is obviously molded in, but if I remove the ashtray itself, will my center console cover the hole? I can't imagine Ford made (2) different dashboards, but I ask so I don't have a wtFFFFF! Moment when I start reassembling.

Can I use this dash? I'd like to save the time of tearing everything off, and it's a super clean dash...

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When I did my dash swap, the outer is held on by a load of little bolts. it's like a skin.

I "skinned" both dashes and made the one I needed from the 2, so you should be ok.

However, we only had one dash type in the UK, so the US model might differ slightly and without seeing it I can't be sure.. but I can't see it being too bad. Post some pics up if you can so I can have a look


I'll do that- I can return the other one if it doesn't work, so I'll skin it. Can I pull the "skin" off at the junkyard without removing the entire dashboard, or is the main dash assembly held on with those 7 or 8 main bolts and it's no big deal? I've never pulled an Ex dash, and I pulled up the explosion view and it looked like there were the bolts on top, the bolts on either side and maybe a couple in the middle. Is that all you remove to pull the dash off?

the bolts are all over the place.. there's about 20-25 of em!

It's not a job for the faint hearted I'll tell you now.. but it's worth doing


Ok, must be a different set then, or my picture off that online site posted a few weeks back are wrong. Or are there 20-25 bolts to skin the dash cover off the main dash?

Good news is that the windshield is out of the one I want to grab the dash out of, so that should make life easier. Bad news is mine had a windshield in it. :D

Hey Joe I'm pretty sure that dash board will work, but you have to drill out those studs that hold the metal piece that bolts the center console to the dash. Then just take out the acc power outlet and ashtray out of the gray dash.

I did mine with the windshield in place..
the 20 odd are to skin the dash.. they're about 6mm I think..


Cool- thanks for the help guys!

The little bolts are all underneath on the frame part of the dash..

If I lived over there I'd be more than happy to help you..


Si, you're not far form L-pool John Lennon Airport, right? I'm not going to the junkyard until Saturday... Come on over! Ha ha! :D

let us know how the dash change goes.

I'm about 15-20 mins away from the airport.. If I could afford the flight.. I'd be over in a flash..

Don't know how much extra I'd have to pay on luggage to smuggle a lift kit over tho.. and a supercharger haha


Question is- can you afford NOT to take the flight. Think of all the fun... :D

Much appreciated, I'll report! :salute:

I think everyone should club together to buy my tickets.. then I could spend the next 12 months travelling the US lending a hand to anyone on the forum who needed it.. I'd work for food and shelter and a lift to the next job haha


I think it's a good idea anyway.. hehe.. I've just priced up the tickets and it's £416 return, with a change in Chicago. 12hr flight though...