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Dash light bulb replacement


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April 12, 2015
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2009 Ford Explorer
I have a 2009 Ford Explorer. My question is what is the bulb number for instrument cluster. Half of my speedometer is not lighting up. I know how to replace the bulb. It appears to be pretty simple. My only issue is I do now know what bulb number is. I have searched the forums and have found several different answers. The bulb number most people say is it's 194. But I have noticed that those are older year models than mine. I just didn't want to get dash apart and cluster out to figure out it's a weird bulb number that I would have to order. So does anyone know For sure what the bulb number is for the instrument cluster (dash lights) bulb number is for a 2009 Ford Explorer. Thanks

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Ok thank you for the help. My next question is does changing the color of the bulb affect the dash lights at all? Or are they always going to appear green regardless of the bulb color? And if I switch the instrument cluster bulbs to LED how many total do I need to order? Thanks again

If you get LED's get the green ones. Any other color will make the instrument cluster unreadable at night. If I remember correctly there are 7 bulbs.

the color is the overlay not the bulb color so changing the color of the bulb just makes it dimmer or blends the color to a color you did not want... I did these led's in mine.... they shorted something out and now I have had no cluster illumination and warning lights for the last 3 months...... pretty expensive outcome... i don't have that kind of money to replace the cluster and you cant just swap in a used $100 cluster with a close milage... and I dont have any idea on the cost to program one

I have the black gauges, the numbers and markings on the speedo and tach are white but light up green when the lit up. Does this mean my bulbs are green?

I have the same gauge faces as you. When I replaced the bulbs in the instrument cluster they did not appear to have a green tint and looked like a warm white type of bulb. I think the green tint is from a film in the gauge face.

Awesome. Thanks for the reply.