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Dat Saggy Butt

Helper springs??? Wouldn't you rather fix the springs to put it back to stock ride height and THEN add helper springs if you want more capacity.

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Helper springs??? To fix ride height? Helper means to help, as in helping existing springs to carry more load. Does nothing to FIX existing spring problem other than to cover it up. Fix the springs right and then add helper springs if you need more load carrying capability. Get new springs or make a ******* pack from another (junkyard) vehicle. "fixing the problem with so-called helper springs will only add to the problem later. What do you do when there is more sag even with the helper springs? Do they make helper helper springs?

^ To be fair, my coilover shocks are working great to fix the problem and by the time they PLUS the leaf springs are sagging as much as it was, the truck will have long since been retired.

Even new leaves are expected to eventually sag again unless they're built for a significantly higher load capability and then that's a stiffer ride.

Heh, I once knew a guy crazy enough that when a leaf spring on his AMC Pacer broke, he didn't even repair it, just put air shocks on. Granted at the time that doubled the value of the car, lol.

Helper springs??? Wouldn't you rather fix the springs to put it back to stock ride height and THEN add helper springs if you want more capacity.

Hellwig advertises helper springs as a solution to sag. Of course replacing the springs with new ones is the ideal situation... but the low price and ease of installation, anyone with the sag should consider helpers. Plus they increase load capacity to hauling and towing significantly.

the Monroe coil over shocks or New leaf packs . which is better to do

New leaf packs. Or re-arch the old ones.

I just did the Warrior spring shackles, and I am very happy with the results. It maintained the ride quality, didn't seem to add any unwanted rear end shimmy or unstableness and got my truck back to even ride height. I can tell you that I almost grabbed my Glock and started firing rounds of .45 hollow points at my truck when I had a bolt that refused to come out of the old shackle, but a truck that is 11 years old and has 130K miles on it I had to expect some difficulty. The other 3 weren't too bad, but the top bolt on the driver side was a MOTHER F#@%^&$%!!!! Took almost 6 hours and a couple of busted knuckles, but I eventually won, and was able to retain the original bushing without starting a rubber fire. If anyone is interested in what I went through and how I finally got it out send me a PM and I might even make a post about it if I get enough interest.
Short story long.....I am happy with what the Warrior shackles did and the price was good compared to some of the other options.

Edit: I should add that I didn't have the "pimp lean" off to one side. It was level side to side, just had "dat saggy butt" to begin with.

I have the Hellwig helper leafs on my 96. They did't change the height, I needed them for the extra load capability. I tow a 26ft travel trailer with a tongue weight of 560lbs. I also had to add air springs by Airlift to level the ex when towing the RV. That combination along with LRC tires make towing a breeze.

I just put the monroe coil overs on my 98 lifted it 1 3/4. I also put new leaf spring isolaters and dorman replacement shackles.