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Dateline Oil Change Investigation

yea, usually if i see the brake fluid is really low i mention it to the customer and 80% of the time they need new brakes.. about 10% needs rear wheel cylinders

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Originally posted by 00XLS
nope not that it was listed, i highly doubt its low tho, a new rad was just put in this summer.

check the clamps on the radiator hoses. Some places re-use the original ones and they have a tendancy to leak , sometime un-noticably. The should have been replaced.

I live in an apartment so I don't do my own oil changes. There is a Firestone within walking distance where I can get the oil changed for around $20, sometimes cheaper. My brother-in-law lets me use his garage to work on my vehicles, but I worry about spilling oil and having to get rid of the older oil. It's easier to just let Firestone handle it and it's cheap.

Last year, my sister was telling me about how her brakes were making noise and she needed them changed. I told her I would do the work if she bought the pads and rotors. She agreed and told me that she was going to take her car in for an oil change in the morning. I told her I would pick her up and take her to get her car. After that, we would drive over to my brother-in-law's house and I'd replace her pads and rotors. I even warned her that the mechanic was going to tell her her brakes were bad but to not worry about it because I would be fixing them.
When she walked out of there, the mechanic had her so scared that her brakes wouldn't survive another stop that she had me drive her car to my brother-in-law's house.

I was a victim of this when I first started driving. Got stuck in the City (12 gauge wire caught on fire). Towed it to a repair shop 2 blocks away. Charged me $35 for that. No big deal I said. Left the car to them with no clue what I was in for. The next day they told me it'll cost $600+ for a new battery, new cable, starter, and a tune-up. I didn't know any better so I said it was okay. I figured I had no choice because they have my car.

That was the first and last time I was taken for a ride. From then on, I read all I could about cars and little by little I did all the maintenance and repairs on my own. Eh, what can you say. Live and learn I guess.

I went to a ford dealership for an oil change. They told me i needed a transmission fluid change, new antifreeze, new belt...tons of things. The belt was new, so i asked them to show me how they knew I needed tranny fluid, so he brought me over and pulled the stick and it looked perfect. So i looked at him, he said "your transmission fluid is red, thats how we know its time to change it" I told him to close my hood i was leaving. That was at a real ford that i think about it, i should have called corp ford

if it was real dark red then you were borderline. i try to change mine every 30k.

but if it was pink they were trying to screw you

My Ford Dealer is GREAT

I always use the same service guy at my dealership. He tells me how it is. About two months ago I took it in for an oil change and he said I needed brakes. I had 80,000 miles on the X and still original brakes so I thought it was probably time. Then he wanted to know if I wanted to to all 4 or just the front. I asked him what he would do. He said the front for sure but that the back could go probably another 15,000 at least.

Then when my stupid rear view mirror switch quit working I took it in and he went over to the parts department and got a new switch, put in it and tried it. When it did not work he told me "well its not that" took his part out - put mine in and did not charge me anything. He even gave me some pointers on what the problem probably was and how I could go about fixing it.

I think...

You shouldn't get behind the wheel unless you know the basics of your car. They don't teach that anymore and it's sad.:( Everyone should know where a dip stick is and what it looks like if it is bad or good. I'm not saying you gotta change it or even do any work on your car. Just know your regular maintance stuff. You know the book that comes with your car isn't just to fill the glove box.:rolleyes:

the worst i have seen is a woman poring water into the crankcase at a gas station

my favorite part in the dateline special was the hidden camera where they show the mechanic actually putting some oil on a frame member and then telling the lady that it was leaking and needed some expensive repair - how stupid can you be? did he not see the camera that was directly above him?

My favorite is where they are working in the engine, and the guy accidentally breaks off part of the pastic piece, makes up some stupid thing to get fixed, and superglues it back together without telling the lady.

When i was 18 I went to Australia with two friends. You had to be 21 to rent from most of the car rental places. We found a place that would rent to 18 year olds but the car was a heap. No a/c in the summer and only ONE window crank for all 4 windows. Anyway we were driving like we stole it out in the middle of nowhere when we got a flat. No spare. So we pulled into a 'garage'. An hour later the tire was fixed. But he had to charge us extra because it needed a new innertube! I was pretty sure passenger cars never used inner tubes but we were in a strange land and this car was such a POS I couldn't know for sure. Plus he had our car. We paid about $70 for the fix. I felt like a sucker for sure.


$70 would have probably bought you a new tyre & we are not that strange well not all of us

No offense meant.:)