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David 92 XLT

hey guys. this is my Explorer

1992 Ford Explorer XLT 5speed.
Baraboo, Wisconsin







this is how she sits as of a few days ago. ill take more pictures today of the interior and all that good stuff. :) what do you all think? also later this week we are going to get the other two lights for the roof. a thrush glasspack maybe a SOA..i dont know for sure yet.. and hopefully pick up some 30" tires from Rockys Auto Salvage. what you all think?? oh my truck also has strobelights. ill try and get a video later today also. comments? suggestions? ideas?

Nice looking ex :D give her a bath and a new rear wiper :p:

Nice looking ex :D give her a bath and a new rear wiper :p:

lol ya we went mudding the day before lol and we do need the lil washer fluid sprayer for the rear. without it we cant clean our rear window wich kinda sucked the other night lol couldnt see backing up, which is also why i added the light on the bumper. little light works wonders