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Dawsonville, GA "Offroad Run"


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May 2, 2004
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'93 Sport & '96 XLT
Hey guys. I went this afternoon to check out Dawson Forest which is located off of 400 in Dawsonville, GA. Several of the roads are closed there but I did manage to find a few things to play around on up there. I did most of the stuff I found, but there were a couple of trails that I didn't go on, since my friends and I were only in my truck. The stuff I didn't try was either sort of hard (for me/my truck) or was something that I could possibly get stuck in. There is also a kind of small creek crossing up there.

Anyways, I plan to go back up there in about two weeks, but it could be sooner or later. I thought I'd post this up to see if anyone else was interested in coming. This place alone isn't something worth driving really long distances to ride on. It's fun, just not really big (since they've closed down sooo many trails). I didn't have time to do anything past the creek crossing, so I plan to check out that, and the trails I wasn't able to go on before. I might also go check out some FS(Forest Service) roads around Amicalola Falls, which is about 25 minutes away or so. BTW, all of the trails are legal. ;) :thumbsup:

Also, there are trails for stockers, and modded 2WD's. Everything I did today was in 2WD. It hasn't really rained hard in a while though, so all of this could change in 2 weeks.

I'll post up pics in a couple of minutes.

Group so far:
1.Me (93 Explorer-31s, 2" lift)
2.Jon-my friend (01 Jeep TJ-Hopefully on 33" Swampers, 3.5" lift by then)
3.Jeremy-another one of my friends(2WD Jeep Cherokee-5" Lift, 32s)

1.Josh Adams (01 Ranger-33s,locked f/r)
2.big351bronc (97 Explorer-30s, 2" lift)
3.BeauJ (passenger)

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I might be up for it. I've been to Amicolola before, so its not but like a 2 hour drive for me. If I come I'll be in 01 Ranger 4x4 on 33's locked front and rear.

That would be cool if you could come. Haven't been to Amicalola in a few years(never on any trails). How are they? You sure you wouldn't be bored...going through all this easy stuff in your truck. :p

Here are the pics on my Yahoo site. Some of them are boring because my bro was taking the pics and my friends who weren't with me just wanted to see what the place was like. I forgot to mention that there was this old loading ramp thing...perfect place to test out the flex without the sway bars. :thumbsup: ;) Also, the pics show that some of the spots are a bit tight at times.


Here's a few teasers:


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hi , cool piks man, i know what you mean about trax becoming rare, i have heaps of bush and wicked 4x4 tracks around me where i live but the local rangers patrol every where, so when i go out now i stop some where and take my number plates off so they cant ID me.looks like it would be heaps of fun on those trax after some rain when its nice and muddy!!

I might be up for it, Im gonna look to see how far away it is.

Ok, if you look on mapquest, try searching for
Dawson Forest Road
Dawsonville, GA

If Im in Macon at the it will only take me about 2 hours. So let me know a date and Ill see what I can do.

Ok, my friend with the TJ is currently in Panama City (lucky :D) and will be back on Saturday the 25th. When he gets back he is getting the lift, tires, sway bar disconnects, etc. and having it all installed. If it takes over 2 weeks after he gets back to have the lift installed, he'll probably come before he gets the lift. He's on 30s right now, but he still tries just about everything. So once I talk to him, we'll decide on a date. :)

Not too far from me. I'd ride just too hang out and drink. I'd have to meet you before hand to make sure you won't kill and have your way with me ;)

Hahaha. :D I think you might have to check out your flex on the ramp. :p

I'm still trying to find out where the good FS roads are. Don't want to get everyone together and be searching for stuff the whole time. Can someone who has ridden up there before let me know which ones are good *cough* *cough* JasonB. :D

Josh Adams said:
I might be up for it. I've been to Amicolola before, so its not but like a 2 hour drive for me. If I come I'll be in 01 Ranger 4x4 on 33's locked front and rear.

When did you drop down to 33s? I thought you were running 34 equivalents the last few couple of times we did Tellico.

Bryan.. Amicalola is no more. The real trail there is shut down and won't open up again. At least it's not planned to ever open up to offroading. The last section is basically paved now anyway. There are a lot of "fun" forest service roads up there for an easy ride if you don't want to get in much trouble, but there are a few spots that you can play in to make it interesting. If you ever think about doing those roads, I'd suggest getting a current FS map before and a GPS if you have one. It's easy to get lost in all those roads up there. I did manage to find a hole that a Sport will fit into PERFECTLY so the bumpers on each end keep the tires from touching anything but goo...

Just keep an eye on tresspassing signs and the like and you are fine. Almost everything up there is open to ride on if not marked.
Also... you should make a trip to Beasly one day when there is no rain and hasn't been for at least a week. Dry conditions there would still offer tough terrain in an unlocked rig in plenty of places. Don't go alone and make sure someone has a winch though!

Yeah, I knew that Anderson Creek(I think that was the one @ Amicalola) was closed down. I will get a FS map when I go up there.

Depending on who comes to this, I may go to Beasley instead. If there are tons of stock/mildly modified trucks, I guess we will go to Dawson Forest and find some FS roads. Big351bronc, if you came would you be interested in Beasley? I know that Josh Adams has done Beasley(right?). Let me know where you guys want to go and we can get a date set.

Josh did Beasly with me and some Yota folks.

I'd be interested possibly but my schedule is pretty hectic right now. Doubt I'll have time to do any exploring until August at least.

Yeah I figured you'd be too busy. When is your wife due? Any day now right(if not already)?

Where is Beasley? How hard are the trials. Really Im up for anything, and Ill try just about everything. It just helps motivate me to save up more money for tires, etc.

hey man keep me updated.. I'm game.

I went to 33's about a month ago. My other tires were wearing on the insides cause I some bad hubs I think.

jasonb, do you still have all your spare stuff? Do you still have the outer halves? Can you get rid of some stuff?

Beasley, probly the most interesting and challening trip I've been on. It was fun though.

Jason said that when you guys went, it had rained a lot. (Actually all of the times he has been there). If we get a group together, we would obviously wait until we find a time when it hasn't rained for like a week, as Jason said.

Josh, if Jason has some parts that you are needing (and if he can't come w/ us) I can bring you the parts if you come...he's down the street from me. :)

big351, Beasley is in Blairseville I believe. Probably a longer drive for you, but I think that it will be worth your while.

Ok, so does everyone want to do Beasley instead? If so, I'll have a mod change the thread name.

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I may be up for it, I wanna get a chance to try out the new 33s. I will watch this thread.