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dbush72's "I'm gonna SAS my '02 XLT"

Tuesday, August 03,2010
Well all of you that are interested; I have decided to SAS my 3rd gen. '02 Explorer, even though I am unaware of this having been done or any documentation of procedure/ parts used etc....here she is as of about a week ago. (on all fours now) -


I will be beginning with the design and pre-fab of what I believe will ultimately become the most basic, uncluttered, logical design for turning a IRS 3rd Gen (possibly 4th-5th?) Explorer into a SAS "go where ya dont really need to anyhow" daily driver.
First off, let me make a few things known as i hate to type, and repeating myself isnt a hobby or virtue i possess:

ONE - I have more "WANTS" than my wallet and wife will allow, so I'm going to be working on a very limited budget, (quite possible that it will end up also being the first "FREE" 3rd gen SAS) making use of what I already have, and turning what I have into what I need. As i have lived in the region for nearly all of my life, i have quite a few sources for parts, assistance, advice as well as the as deserved ridiculing laugh from the unbeliever.

TWO - I have a pretty good working knowledge of 4x4 Fords and want to keep ALL of my swapped in parts in the blue oval family, unless something is just "a given" and part availability/cost of replacement / ease of repair are going to deciding factors with what will end up on the rig.

THREE - As the majority of the fab work is going to be done at my buddies in his shop, and with this as my only rig!!, all work is going to be done with the ability to fit, try out, mock up,etc. and be able to drive home at the end of the day. as a result, i am planning on bveing able to when ready, pull in as IF/RS, and drop all 02 parts, then bolt up the SAS, bleed the disc brakes, grease the zerks and quick align the front before hitting the road.

Now, I know just as well as the rest of you that things -especially projects like this, NEVER go as planned...but i figure on keeping with what IS PROVEN and works (front half of SAS project), then I'm only left with having to be at "Murphy's Mercy" for the rear part of this project.

LET IT BE KNOWN also that as work will be progressing as fast as work, $$$, and my scheduling use of my buddies shop will permit, please try to be patient!!! I will post as new work is done, and as new ideas are brought to the thread. I also welcome any comments and advice, info on specs, any and all interchangeability info. I am not going to change mid stream any thing that would basically require beginning anew, so i will post this, collect suggestions, and advice, and will in my next post, outline what i have as my concept for REAR portion of project, using a Ford 9"/D44HP, disc brakes, reuse stock sway bar, and at least have a full 12-16+" of flex from ride height both up and down, with at least a 35" tire. I would like to hear opinions on most practical front SAS. Well gotta get on with the chores, so I"ll be posting plans soon. Thanks in advance for all the comments, etc. -Don Bush

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Rock on, Don! :thumbsup: :cool:

Sweet! Like I said i the other thread, I'm just down the road from you and can lend a hand or just ideas and encouragement. You can do it cheap too if you're careful and willing to make some compromises here and there.

i will probly be takin ya up on that!! my partners shop is between westmond and sagle, off hwy 95, so it wouldnt be major miles if you wanted to pop in to check it out, briefly, my idea is based on the rear suspension that i remember on myu moms 69 chevy stepside p/u: using a sort of ladder bar, adding attatchment points on frame for front, and brackets to axle tube to attatch rear,would also make top n bottom adjustable at axle so pinion angle could be set, adjustable triangulation link from left side to rt side to prevent assembly from racking, add shock mounts to frame and axle tube at as yet undetermined locations, retain existing coil spring pockets on explorer,and add lower pads on axle tube so coil springs would be in same location, if possible, use stock sway bar and same location. with the addition of a disc brake kit for the rear and a new rear drive line, this concept could very possibly not only be the first documented SAS for a 3rd+ gen, likely could be fairly simple to swap back out if one needed to sell, or take in for warranty work!! Well, Whatcha guys think of that?? im thinkin on something already done/ proven design for the front.:cool:

subscribing as i really want to see how it progresses. good luck man