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De-Bauering the Explorer


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December 28, 2016
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Orange county, Ca
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95 Explorer 4X 4.0 ohv
So finally got fed up with looking at the Clark Griswold / aka Eddie Bauer TAN trim....nothing SCREAMS 90's like having TAN fender flares, trim, bumpers!
Tomorrow when tool arrives will then remove pin striping as well.....then to go over ravaged paint with Turtle wax Black Car Polish / crack filler....actually made my hood look halfway decent when viewing from about 15' or so :)

ORIGINAL PIC along with same E.B. setup from green online Explorer (for full body before) :

AFTER PICS: (Everything done with rattle cans...about $25 total investment)

AFTER 1.jpg

AFTER 2.jpg

AFTER 3.jpg

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I liked it before... but I've always liked 'em extra wide.

Jokes aside, the body lines without the trim actually aged well, specifically the pre-'99s with the flat hatches.

Nice tow hooks. Can't bother a guy to ask where you got them from, can I?

The looks/ tan color was intentionally overlooked due to the main priority / requirements was getting a relatively lower mileage 4.0 ohv 4WD with an attractive price...and the fact that p.o. had the transmission rebuilt and got this for $1,200 fit the bill. Had it came with the metallic gray trim "package" I would've probably left the wheel flares on (being I do kind of like those... alone) but still would've removed the side running boards asap as I initially did with this one.

If you wanted to, you could always repaint the flares black or gray or some such.

There is something special about the body lines without the flares, though.

, you could always repaint the flares black or gray or some such.
That was much considered but being desired minimal cost investment --going with rattle cans was too risky with the flares, granted the bumpers turned out good, I think mainly due to the "2x" Rustoleum spray ....the sides not so much....some tiger stripes...the textured black I used isn't available in the "2x" coverage version. I'm probably going to wet sand aforementioned sides and go over with this WONDERFUL new option..(too bad I wasn't aware of this BEFORE removing flares...oh well...either way) texture version but guaranteed no tiger stripes ! ! This 10" span will essentially cover entire bottom portion in one smooth swoop! It comes in flat black and glossy...

So here is end result ( keep in mind paint is ravaged from being a beach vehicle...although So Cal ) ...not an issue being it's secondary vehicle / off roader.
Old TAN pin striping removed.
Went over sun ravaged rear cargo window trim with Plasti-dip SMOKED, I know a lot of people complain about faded, worn looking trim, this gives it a fresh look.
And coated rear / D -pillars with RAPTOR rattle can bed liner...(blows the other brands away! but $21 per can) ,.... looks great! much better than my Rustol-e Textured I boast about. Probably going to do rear hatch glass hinges / hatch release handle etc with this Raptor stuff too...






That came out looking good!

/\ Thanks, I recall the 90's full size Bronco's cargo shell had a mild textured surface and many truck shells as it a more off-road look versus just smooth paint on D pillars....IMO ... so I ran with it....and it conceals minor imperfections underneath, don't have to spend time achieving a flawless base like needed for standard paint.
Kind of a carry-over look of black textured lower side cladding found on many SUV's as well.

I dig it

Perfect paint for rear view mirrors as well