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Dead driver power seat - Need wiring diagram


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September 18, 2023
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Tampa, Florida
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2005 Explorer EB
Hello everyone, first time poster and long time lurker. Thank you ahead of time for your help.

I have a 2005 Eddie Bauer Explorer with a power adjustable driver seat (including seat heater and power adjustable lumbar) that died a few months ago. I first noticed an issue about two or three years ago when the 30A fuse (fuse #1 in the drivers side under the dash) blew while I was adjusting the lumbar. Since then, it has blown 4 more times total. Twice over the span of 2 years and then twice again in the short span of a week. Since the last fuse explosion, my driver seat has lost all response from the buttons on the side, with the exception of the lumbar still being adjustable for short bursts before blowing fuses (been through a lot of troubleshooting today...).

I have already disassembled the seat and have ensured that all the motors function by jumping 12V to each of them, and none of them have any clear obstructions or hangups that would point to the motors stalling out and popping the fuse. I have read it could be either the global seat module (2C7T-14C708-AE) or potentially an orange/green wire in the door hinge or the driver side rocker panel. I am unsure how to test the global seat module with the seat out of the car and the car immobile (have the entire front and rear suspension ready for an overhaul as well as painting the whole car tomorrow) and have looked extensively for the purported "orange/green" wire. I have found all of my info on the wire and its shoddy splice job from the F150 forum linked below. I have looked at both the driver and passenger floorboards and removed the requisite panels. So far I have found an orange/green wire on the driver side but it has no splices nor does it appear to route to the connectors underneath the drivers seat.

Driver Power Seat Dead, Along with Adjustable pedals and drivers heated seat - Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford Truck Fans

I have a Haynes manual, but they do not include a wiring diagram for the drivers seat, and nor have I been able to find one online. If someone were able to help me out I would greatly appreciate any and all information.

This is a tough one, as the vehicle is 18 years old now and may not be worth the extensive work needed to repair something like this.

If this happened to me, I'd set it and forget it.

Welcome to the forum!

This is all I have. The attached PDF is from 2005 Workshop Manual, has diagnostic procedures.

Cell 120

Cell 123 memory.seats.png



  • Seats 2005 Workshop Manual.pdf
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Appreciate the responses. I managed to move the seat to a comfy (guess I’ll truly find out when I put it back in the car) position and I’ll just ride it out.