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Dead Radio


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January 28, 2000
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I have a 95 Edie Bauer with JBL sound system. The radio just went dead on day. Appears a though there is no power to it, clock does not even light up. I checked the fuses but they are ok. Any Ideas? How do I remove this unit so I can check the power connection. Do I have to take the molding off first? Don't see any screws or clips anywhere.

your 95 should have 4 little holes 2 on top 2 on bottom in the upper corners, u have to buy these little hooks they look like big '?' question marks they are avalibable at most car audio stores or like pep boys, you simply stick the 4 of the hooks into the 4 holes and pull out, it might take a few tryes, as far as the power there is chance the wires in the back could of came off i have herd storys of people going off road and the bouncing up and down makes them come off just make sure the are tight, ford radios do blow some times the inner light i knoew it was a big problem in
Bronco II's, if you bring it somewere and they say its broke dont get it fixed it will be cheaper and better to buy a new one ...

i mean if it comes too it dont buy anouther ford radio buy something like pioneer,..

I popped the radio out and tried it on the bench and it is ok. There is no power to the plug from the wiring harness. Does anyone know where this power comes from. Is it routed through the amplifer or does it come directly offf the fuse box. Are there any wiring diagrams on the net?