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Dead stock Premium Stereo - No power


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December 1, 2006
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2001 Mountaineer
OK so first of all, I've been searching on this forum for almost a half an hour without finding anything about my problem, so sorry if this has in fact been asked and/or beaten to death.

I just bought 2 Ford explorers, a 98 and a 99. The 99 is the one I drive, the 98 is going to be either a parts rig or project, not sure yet. Anyway, both run and drive down the road. The 99 has an AM/FM/Cass/CD with 6 disc changer. I want to use the stock stereo so I can use the 6 disc changer, but I have no power to it. The fuse is good! :D The 98 has the exact same stereo so I figuired I'd just take that one, only that one has the exact same problem. No power and the fuse is good.

Any Ideas before I have to pull the stereo out, I have a nice Pioneer head unit, but it's a few years old and I'd rather use the stock unit so I can use the 6 disc changer.

No power, where? The Mach(with subwoofer) and Premium units have display issues, where no display is seen. Turn the volume up if you can turn it on, push button. The display repair is about $60 her, those are Pioneer radios. Good luck,