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Dead Transmission


February 28, 2002
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Fairfax, VA
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1993 Limited 4x4
Well, I just got my truck back from its 80k tune up and check up, having had my water pump and intake manifold repaired/replaced, both were covered by the waranty on it. I was wondering when everyone's transmission went...I hate to say this, but Im praying that mine dies in the next 10k it will be covered by waranty then! Im at 82k now, and the waranty expires at 93k So, when did everyone have to do their trannies?

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do a search in polls.... this is a very discussed topic amongst early X owners

i have a 93 and mine just went and 71k.....

Well, I did a search and only managed to find topics on dying A4LD's with a little bit of mention on when the trannies died. Seems to me that a majority died the first time at 40k, 90k, or at 150k.. Is there any specific reason the ford automatics go so quickly sometimes? :eek: Maybe certain circumstances and use that makes it die quicker?

a lot of it depends on if the driving is city driving, highway driving, if they floor it everytime the light turns green, if they play in the sand :rolleyes: etc

i'de say drain the fluid and go for a drive to the grocery store, lol. Make sure you fill it back up before you have to get towed though!!!!