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Dealer Info 2011 vs 2012


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May 7, 2011
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Rochester, NY
I am getting quotes from 5 different dealers in my area on ordering a 2012 xlt.
Yesterday one of the dealers said he could still order a 2011.
Just got a callfrom that dealer saying he can't order a 2011.
Have gotten one quote so far for a 2012 xlt. The starting msrp is: $31,980.00
which is $630.00 more than current 2011 msrp, and $790.00 more than the2011 msrp at announcement time.
It will be interesting to see what quotes I get from the other 4 dealers.
As much as I would really like to order a 2012, I am having 2nd thoughts based on the price increase and without any incentives.
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