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Dealer - PTU replacement....


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October 8, 2013
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2014 Ford Explorer Sport
Hello all, Been quite a while since I've posted here. hope all is well.

So it appears my 2nd PTU (14 Sport) has gone bad after only around 25k miles on this one. This time, the dealer while recommending a remove/replace of the PTU they also state the drive shaft and both front axles should be replaced which seems a bit odd to me? Curious if any of those mechanically inclined here may offer an opinion on the likelihood of all 3 of those parts going bad with the PTU. The vehicle has just over 80k miles on it. As a reminder, my original PTU was replaced via Ford warranty at around 50K miles if I remember correctly - a couple years ago.

Oddly enough, while last time the car exhibited some minor chugging and what not type fo issues under power, this time the car really had no issues at all up until 1 day I put her in reverse, to back out of a parking spot, then back into drive like normal and it chugged and crunched then did some minor lurching forward before continuing onto smooth operation. This is now reproducible nearly 100% of the time when going from rev to fwd and apparently based on dealer notes now when moving from a dead start while already in Drive...

I'm fairly confident I can do the PTU replacement myself but doing some research before signing myself up for that task. I suspect the driveshaft if really needed should be pretty straight forward but not sure about the axles... I need to do more digging in service manuals for that procedure.

Anywho, any thoughts/experience on the matter is much appreciated.

Take care.