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Death of the electric system!


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June 22, 2010
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colorado springs, co
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2004 Eddie Bauer Custom
I went 4x4ing last friday on the same trail ride that I have been on 100's of times before. However I went through a 7-8 inch deep puddle about 15ft wide and my truck died. I went to start it and got nothing... I did the basic checks to see if there was water in my oil, air filter, intake, etc... and nothing.... since I replaced the battery, battery terminals and power cable along with the ground... today took in the alternator to get tested and it passed.... now what? If anyone has anything that can help or some tech tips to point me in the right direction...

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I had the same problem right after I bought my 03 Explorer. It turned out to be the wire connected to my starter had broken, I just put a new end on on it and that was all it took. So I would check your starter. I was so frustrasted after checking everything, pretty happy to find out it was such an easy fix.

Lets see some pics of your custom lift.

It just won't crank over or there is no power at all? No dash light, headlights,etc. I don't think we have enough info to point you in the right direction.

7-8 inch deep puddle? That's like as deep as my tire's

inertia switch? i would check any of the connectors under the truck and engine compartment to see if they got water in them, check ALL the fuses in the truck too. starter too i would geuss.

on the top of the SOHC there is a large connector that goes to the motor, i was having a problem with my truck saying it was running way too cold, disconnected the harness and water poured out. ( i power wash my engine bay often ), dryed it and put it back on tighter and all was good.

Sorry no pics yet... but yea a tiny ass puddle... it woulda been a bad ass photo shoot there was a army blackhawk landing about 60 yards away too when it died i was embrassed. Well since it has died I have replaced my alternator, battery, battery cables, and terminals. It now powers up all the electronics work but it still wont crank over..

Check your starter

Check your starter

Yip, remove the starter, and see if you can turn the motor over by hand using the bolt on the crank pully

Dare I say you may have hydrolocked the motor?
the wake you could have kicked up in front could have splashed water into the intake...

Hope you can turn the motor by hand after you remove the starter:(

It takes a lot to hydro lock a motor, 7-8 inches wouldn't do that unless your intake was under water.90 % of the time the engine will sputtered out if water starts getting in the intake. Water will make the mafs go wild and shut down the motor.

Unless you have silicone covering the starter terminals you could have fried your starter or your starter relay. Check the starter relay in ohms. Then post up your reading. If I get a chance later ill check mine to compare reading. Or every easier replace it. I had my starter relay go once from going down a flooded street. After that I started using silicone to protect my terminals. It's the samething we do to all our military vehicles. I'll warn you it is a pain to remove when your start goes tho.

I was thinking that too 7-8 inches isnt eve up to my brake rotors. Let alone near my body