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"Death wobble" got me going 130kmp


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September 19, 2005
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Geraldton ontario
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97 explorer sport 4.0
We I now know the importance of making sure all the air is out of the powersteering.

I changed my inner tierod and after adjusting toe in I took it on the highway, I did one or two pumps on the steering wheel becasue I could feel that air was in the system.

Well I passed a truck and their was a bump on the road and my steering wheel went crazy and it was the biggest vibration and wobble...Almost had to take the ditch. going back home every bump i hit i got a major wobble, I stop by the shop i work at and got the air out.

I'm just posting this becasue Iv read some post befor where people have complaint about a death wobble befor and didnt know what it was...I must say thats a pretty good name to decsribe it