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Delayed Accessory Fuse - 2002


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December 29, 2002
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Austin, TX
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'02 Limited
I have a 2002 Explorer and am installing a Sirius unit. I want to tie the unit into a delayed accessory fuse, so that it is on while the radio is on, and will stay on if I do not open the door after I remove the key, and after 15 mins or when I open the door, shut the radio off. Do you all know what fuse will give this to me?

Looking for the same thing, my issue is my amplifier and radio stay on after my Viper 791 XV power cycles it with remote start, I hate how you need to open the drivers door to kill power - I'm looking for some type of fix also.

Just wire it to the accessory that goes to the radio. The serious unit probably only takes a couple hundred milli amps. I would just tie into the radio accessory.

Just my opinion.