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"Deleted" SMS on the phone still show up in the car :)


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May 14, 2018
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2018 Explorer "Limited +"
Funny thing I discovered some days ago: Using Sync on my Explorer-2018, I saw that SMS that I deleted in my mobile phone (OnePlus 5T, Chomp-sms) are still showing up in the car!

Though it isn't a critical point I would like to know how I could "really" delete them! A new synchro in the car module does not change anything!

This is just another reason why I refuse to connect my phone to my car lol

I imagine you would have to delete the phone profile? Even then, nothing is ever truly deleted!

I know this was not much help but I figured I would give you a reply after no one else seemed to have any information.

This happens on my 18 as well with my iPhone. I notice then envelope is closed after I read a text. Then it goes away when I don't notice.