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delexploder's "Vader" 97 v8 sport

Thought id go ahead and finally get this going now that my rig is functional, I started out with my 97 4.0 sohc sport. I bought it in 05 from its original owner with I think around 183,000 miles, I drove it and did small upgrades like autodimming rear view, new pioneer speakers, Monroe coil overs, 99 front bumper and fear hatch, I also did the usual maintainance like upper and lower balljoints ( motorcraft) swaybar links and bushings ( energy suspension) rebuilt rear, tranny rebuild, ect...then I finally started getting the death rattle from the sohc timing parts around 240,000 miles so i started gathering parts for my v8 swap, do not do what I did if you want to do this swap! Get a whole donner vehical, so it was at this point that I came here and that's when i learned (with the help of alot of members) about PATS, anyway that made me rethink and redo most of my work and replace alot of parts , I just finally got it on the road after swapping out the tranny, so now I feel like I can post my elite registry ,I still have a long way to go to get it where I want but i now think im at a good starting point;)

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Didn't get back on it today , had issues with my boiler and the drivers side outer door handle on the mounty snapped off, got the boiler ( circulator controller) working, ran to advanced auto an grabed a door handle from the help section, I was lazy and didn't feel like grabbing one off of one of my spare doors, so i paid $25 bucks and it feels like its gonna snap, cheep Taiwan dorman junk! I grew up in a real parts store and dorman was always good stuff, now its all crap, anyhoo I'll try to get back on it one night this week

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Starting back on the mounty , I think we are done with the snow and monsoon season , we are on vacation so I have time to get the t-case done then I can jump back to Vader, but today I had fun swapping out the drivers door hinges


Where did you get the hinges? Whole hinges or just pin bushing kits?
My 4 door D/S door is feeling a little loose these days. Did you have to pull the fender off or were you able to get in there with the fender still on?

I just swapped a set I scored off a low mileage wreck , I hung it off the crane unbolted the door then the hinge from the body , the bottom hinge has a nut inside the truck behind the kick panel ,


Behind the kick panel? That must have been the fun one to get to!
I like the engine crane door holder. That's better than my floor jack door holder. lol.

Just a few pics of the process, I cut the tabs off of the case and then smoothed them with a flap disc, I have the truck on ramps and stands in my driveway , the driveshafts are out and I've started on the awd case to tranny bolts , just stopped for lunch ,

Didn't get done today but I think I'm ready to install in the morning, I am regretting doing this in the driveway , I may just get the case in and the rear driveshaft and just finish it at the shop , but I did get the tank bracket done and the other little things like that , I'll get picks of all that in the morning

Man I wish I would of had a shop to work in. I had to man handle my t case in.

That's where I'm at and its bad enough its a heavy awkward pig but it is a very tight fit and has to go in just so , but I'll get it ,

More pics , after I took these this morning I got the case installed along with the rear driveshaft , the ratchet straps helped keep the tank and exhaust out of the way , you can also see my tank bracket , I just cut off the the part that was in the way and it seems plenty strong

Well I got the shifter in and took it for a ride , wow what a difference! I didn't get to the front driveshaft but that doesn't really matter since I have the manual hubs , I'll post a few more pics in a few

Shifter located, I'm not gonna use the boot and bezel I have because it doesn't fit quite rite but I'll get the f150 one in the morning from the junkyard, the mileage is now saying I'm getting 23/24 mpg at 55/60 mph , it was 17/18 mpg at those speeds, it steers like an old crown Vic and it will smoke the tires very easily,


  • IMG_20140425_181115_815.jpg
    49 KB · Views: 287 have a mc. in it. i didnt know that. tell me, did you get it to read for the smaller tank?

Oh no that's the mounty, I had to do the wife's first, gotta keep her happy so i can do all the same stuff to my sport

I still plan on using the electric shift case in Vader,

Didn't find a boot yesterday but I found one on ebay last night, my only problem so far is the front driveshaft I got from a 97 expedition is too long, other than that im loving it, I put over 100 miles on it yesterday and all is well,

Just wait till you feel the low range-:D

Low range with the hubs unlocked and no front driveshaft! Lol im trying to not roast the new BFGs, but its Soooo hard!

Just a little update, got my 01 f-150 shifter boot and bezel installed


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