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delexploder's "Vader" 97 v8 sport

Thought id go ahead and finally get this going now that my rig is functional, I started out with my 97 4.0 sohc sport. I bought it in 05 from its original owner with I think around 183,000 miles, I drove it and did small upgrades like autodimming rear view, new pioneer speakers, Monroe coil overs, 99 front bumper and fear hatch, I also did the usual maintainance like upper and lower balljoints ( motorcraft) swaybar links and bushings ( energy suspension) rebuilt rear, tranny rebuild, ect...then I finally started getting the death rattle from the sohc timing parts around 240,000 miles so i started gathering parts for my v8 swap, do not do what I did if you want to do this swap! Get a whole donner vehical, so it was at this point that I came here and that's when i learned (with the help of alot of members) about PATS, anyway that made me rethink and redo most of my work and replace alot of parts , I just finally got it on the road after swapping out the tranny, so now I feel like I can post my elite registry ,I still have a long way to go to get it where I want but i now think im at a good starting point;)

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Sounds like something is setting the alarm off. Crap, it just doesn't end sometimes.
It is just a trial, you will get through it.
Many many years ago I went through some similar stuff, at one point I just said forget it because it was so bad I knew the only way it could go was better.
Then things got better.
Take a deep breath. for get it for tonight and tomorrow you can start to look into it. If you need wiring diagrams or something just say the word and I will help as best I can.

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wiring diagrams

just in case..........

The last two depend on if you have a TR sensor or DTR sensor on the transmission.


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I wonder if the gauge cluster I swapped in is the issue,

Im running the later 12 pin dtrs, the cluster I have in it is from a 96 4.0 xlt and the led diode part is different, could be so many things,


You could try fixing the old cluster's speedo and put that back in.
If you had access to a scan tool that could access the Remote Anti-Theft Personality Module you could pull codes and it would point you to what was setting the alarm off.
The normal triggers would be the door ajar switches (from or through the Gem module), the ignition cylinder tamper switch, hood switch, and key fob panic button.

I just took the old gauge cluster apart and cant find anything physically wrong with it , starting to think my problems may be a bad GEM?


The gem would not cause the speedo to not work. It could set the alarm off, so could the door ajar switches.

Disconnect circuit 999 light blue with white stripe at connector C212(LH corner of instrument panel, near cowl panel grommet), just that circuit (have to remove the wire from connector). If the GEM was setting the alarm off it wont anymore.


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Door ajar switches

Just so you know, the door ajar switches go bad all the time. They stick open(open door position), causing the overhead light to stay on and other weird problems like the alarm going off.
They are inputs to the gem, the gem would then send a signal to the alarm module to set it off.


According to the wiring diagram the other things that could set it off are....
The Hood switch and the ignition cylinder tamper switch. ( and key fob panic button)
The only other two inputs are the Brake switch and the Transmission input but they may not set it off, they may be for other things, not sure.

I found another thread where a guy said he had the same problem with the same year and type of RAP, he said he unpluged his RAP module and said it worked so I just tried it and no more horn honking, I know I dont have the alarm and the key fob won't work but if it will keep me on the road im good with it, if anyone sees any other issues with doing this im all ears

Drove around all day with no problems and without the stupid auto lock I didn't miss the key fob at all


Problem solved! Now get that truck through inspection!

I was able to scan it since once I got the alarm issue under control, misfire cylinder two, my guess is fouled plug or burnt wire, I did run with the timing off and with old nasty gas, and the wires are in constant danger with the funky manifolds, I'll figure that out today hopefully get through emissions tomorrow ,

Had alot of yard work to do today and when I got started on my truck a bunch of my family showed up with pizza wings and subs so it was family time, but I did get to check the plug and wire on #2 and they both look fine so I guess I need to look at the coil pack and injector


You could swap #2 spark plug with another cylinder to see if the misfire moves.
I have seen a defective spark plug or two that didn't look bad.
I guess you could swap wires, injectors and other things too. Hope you get it nailed down soon!

It was a bad coil pack, lucky I had a spare , runs great now


That's great News!
Now you can get that inspection done and have one less thing to worry about.

Yea all I have to do is a recheck for emissions and I'm good to go, I won't be on here much because my cable and wi fi got shut off and all I have is my phone, gotta keep my data use to a minimal, but so far I'm doing ok and slowly getting back on my feet, so hopefully I'll get back to normal soon

I should have done an update , I made it through my recheck and have been tagged and on the road for about a month, and love it, got a court ordered two week visit with my kids while I'm waiting for the custody decision , it was great to cruise around with my girls, they loved it and missed daddys truck lol, so today I started working on the interior with simple green and purple power, I'm going to pull the seats and console tomorrow and wash the carpet , I did the floor mats and the rear carpet today and then decided it was time to install the rear sub box that has been taking up space in my garage for a few years, I cut off the front part of the factory box that holds the amps and then opened up the hole and dropped in an 8 inch Jensen sub I have had for years , I'm using a cheap 80 watt amp that will sit in the console, I already have a pioneer head unit and pioneer factory fit speakers with the factory amp and it sounds good , I have a few picks and I'll try to add more tomorrow


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Glad to hear things are going a little better!
Now at least you don't have to stress about the truck not being legal to drive.
And you can spend some time working on it. I find working on my explorer kind of therapeutic, and I need lots of therapy. lol.