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Demand for snorkles

June 1, 2004
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Sydney Australia
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99 XL 4x4 5 speed manual
I emailed Safari Snorkles about making a snorkle for the Ford Explorer seeing as it was the most popular 4x4 in the world, their reply was that it wasn't how popular the vehicle was it was demand that was to decide whether they tooled up to make a snorkle for a vehicle, so no snorkle for the Explorer, the next vehicle to be tooled for a snorkle is the Subaru Outback awd, i call on all Explorer owners to email, write, or phone Safari or ARB to ask for a snorkle to be made for Explorer. The advantages of a snorkle are cleaner air for dusty roads improved fuel economy ,power and the ability to do deepwater crossings, an allround improvment to your vehicles on and off road performence.

Cheers Barry.

I thought one of the members on here from Venzuela got one that was a knockoff for a 1st gen Explorer. I think it was made down there or something

i made mine own it turned out prety nice it just took a long time if u wnat pics i got some