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Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

hello everyone i've been on this site for awhile and slowly have been saving money and building my project. i had an 01 ford ranger 2wd that i started to build with the little knowledge that i had. the ranger wasnt much in performance but looked kool. the more i hung out in forums and went to meets in the desert i started to learn more and i figured out what i wanted.

i wanted a truck i can hit over 45 in the desert and when ever i went to trails i would switch to 4wd and have fun there too. so i sold my ranger and bought me a 4wd ranger so i can start the build. BUT i hated the fact i would only fit 2 ppl in it and i also didnt want to be another desert ranger so i sold that ranger (and made a profit) and i bought myself a 2002 sport trac 4wd with all the goodies and with 43,000 miles on it. for a steal!!

after 2 years of saving and playing musical trucks i finally bought this:
-Dixon 4x4 LT Kit
-Tubular upper control arms, with bushings and balljoints installed
-Boxed plate lower control arms with bushings and balljoints installed
-Shock hoop with crossbar
-Complete front axles with custom length heat treated shafts and high angle 930
-Steering Tie-rod Extension
-Brake lines, Limit straps, bolt kit
-Dixon cross member(aaron threw that in for free)
-Fox 2.5x8 coil overs
-Deavers G50E
-Mcneil 6" fenders for the front and 3" for rear

what i need to get:
-Fox 2.0x10 bypasses for the rear(in stock location for now)
-15" pro comp 1079
-33's or 35's good year mtr's

all the ordered parts should be in my hands early next week. aaron doesnt have the axles for the front so ill be 2wd till he gets the axles. i am also saving for the Dixon cantilever for the future.

i really want to run 35's but they might rub on the inner fender and i should probably run 33's does anyone have issues like this?

also i want to know if anyone have used the camburg upper arm heavy duty brakets and if i should install them while i have it apart.

i will post picks as soon as i have my parts.

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thanks adem

big updates:
i installed my custom cv axles and am now a PreCrawler!
i bought myself some big boy shocks and bedcage for the rear of the ST and should be installed within the next few weeks.



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a video from a trip i did to Pismo in Nov.

Sweet. I'm loving this build.

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Thanks Offtrac.

did a trip to Barstow for the Wished for Warriors fundraiser and the truck did great!
i was able to take the trailer on its maiden voyage, use 4x4 for the first time, and put the rear shocks to a little abuse.






More amazing photos!
Is the sky really that blue where you are?

That rear shock set up looks like it worked out real well, Truck looks awesome too!

Thanks man. The photo JC been edited but it is blue.


I just watched the video again from post 102, The shocks were getting pounded up and down real good. Truck looked like it was handling it pretty well back then, how much better does it feel now?

Also, do you get more suspension travel with that rear shock set up or does it just do a better job at dampening?

In the video I had 2.0x10 smooth bodies only gibing me 10" of travel. My current set up gives me 16" of travel and I'm able to control the travel with the tubes. I'll be going to Pismo in 2 weeks so I'll be testing the rear in the same location

took the truck out to Barstow for a day trip. i up'd the springs to 700# and did a full rebuild on them. i still haven't been able to tune my shocks but i will get to them soon.

bought a length of 2x6" 120wal rectangular tubing for rockliders that i need to build soon.

I don't know if I like the pictures of the tires fully stuffed or extended more but I always enjoy your pictures.


That picture in the reflection of the tanker is pretty bad ass too!
Truck looks awesome as usual. Pictures are amazing too.

Thanks guys. I pretty much have the truck where I want, performance wise. The suspension is done, I'm 4wd, rocksliders in the making, new tires and is running strong. All I will be doing is maintenance and upkeep on the truck. Oh, and I bought '10 Sport Trac headlights I want to install, a little face lift.

Future mods include a full cage (I want to race in the class 2000) V8 or supercharged 4.0, 35's.

this is a race i did twice this year. my class was for daily driven trucks and it was a blast! the only upgrade is that i have gone up to 35" tires. now that i have a garage and a welder i plan to speed up on doing some major upgrades in the next few months.

Awesome man, looks like you've been living right and having fun. Glad to see you're still around.

Thanks Rebel. This truck is my daily, weekend fun haber, work truck, family car and more! Can't wait to post more updates

Looking Good!

for sale $200obo for rear bumper. 2x6" .120 wall rectangular tubing that bolts on to stock location. fits sport tracs and explorers. will fit rangers but the mounting tabs will have to be moved in closer since the fraames are narrower.

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