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Demon4x4 Crew @ Comanche Ridge - 10/7


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January 5, 2001
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Houston, TX
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2001 Sexy Sport Trac 4x4
Doug came to pickup his Explorer from SVO this weekend. So some of us got together and we came wheeling at the Comanche Ridge property here in Bastrop, TX.

Well, Doug decided to drive his Explorer into the first mud hole he saw and after a good try to get out I had to pull him out. Then he realized his clutch was not working. He tried some things to fix it. But, it wasn't happening.

Here's some pics I took with my webcam of where we left his truck.




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John thats all the photos you took??? What else were you doing on the lap top all day?

John thats all the photos you took??? What else were you doing on the lap top all day?
Hahaha. I took video mostly. :D I will post if I can get it uploaded somewhere. For now, I just got home and will be taking a bath.

w/ bubbles?

yes colin.. it was not as wet today as it was when you were here but still very interesting day...

Wonky clutch makes Doug go waaa.... :(

Well, I just got back here to lovely sleeziana. It was good to see everybody and attempt to do some rock crawling. Once I get the truck fixed up and get done with my next rotation to the box I'll be ready to do some wheeling. I've also got a bunch of pics, I'll post them up tomorrow.

I'll get Lori's pics posted shortly.

Man, sure wish my junk would have been running :(

But then again I had shop duties to attend to.

Jeff - :navajo:

Jeff you're a bigger slacker than I am, where are Lori's pics? Anyways here are mine.


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Hey guys, this place that y'all are wheelin on there in Bastrop, is that a private place, pay place? I am a Bastrop local and have never heard of it. Always looking for more places to wheel. Thanks Tom.

Well since this trip, I decided to fix some things on the truck.

#1 - replace the rack and pinion. The old one still functioned, but it had a nice crack in the housing which leaked.

#2 - replace the lower ball joints.

Anyways, so when I started the work on the rack and pinion, I noticed my drivers side CV axle was broken. Which didn't surprise me because I thought I had seen in Chris' video of my truck that the drivers side tire wasn't spinning when I was coming up a hill.

The strange part is that I never heard any noises out of it while driving down the road. I've broken many CV axles and usually you get some obnoxious clacking and you need to remove the axle shaft.

But yesterday when I got around to working on the driver's side ball joint, I found out why it didn't make any noise. The ball and cage assembly was fine, but the axle shaft had a very clean break. Very strange...