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Dented gas tank


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December 31, 2007
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Davenport, IA
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'99 Sport
I tried to do some wheeling about a week ago, well ended up breaking the power wire going to the trailer wiring that I got. When I was removing it, I noticed that it looks like I landed on a big hunk of mud. Which seems to have left a nice rounded dent in my gas tank. Any ideas on how to fix it. No cracks, no leaks. Just a dent.

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I wouldn't really worry about it if its not cracked or leaking. The tanks can take some abuse. Do you not have a skid plate?

Nope not yet. Unless I'm a tard and it has one and that's what's dented.

One thing to try but be careful is take a rag and an airhose..inflate tank,you will hear it pop but be careful and don't get carried away.We used to prime the old 5.7 diesel that way and never damaged anything.

Method #2 put vehicle on lift and get out the old rubber plunger or one of the vacuum deals they use to handle windshields and try to pull it out that way.The only problem you might get from that is your fuel gauge being off because the bottom of the tank has moved.:D

Anyone know who makes a skid plate for a 2000 XLT because I need one also.

Ford makes a factory skid plate for the explorer its about $250 or so from the dealership, i am about to purchase one for my 2000 but then decided that i would spend the money on a welder and try to teach myself to weld something.... Just as soon as I can find the $250.

I dented the tank on our X years ago. We have the factory skid plate but we managed to get a round tree root to fit in the square hole on the skid plate. We had to cut the tree root to get me unsuck.

the tree root stayed between the skid plate and the tank for many years. Since then I have pulled out the tree part and the tank is still deformed.

If you didn't know what to look for you would never know it was dented. It hasn't even changed the tank capacity enough for me to notice.


I dented the tank on my sport a few years ago, it's not bad, so I just left it. It gives better ground clearance so it won't happen again :D

I try to stay out of the deep mud and on the rocks at Moab.I break too much stuff in the mud.I might just check with Ford on that plate,I have one on my 94 and it really took a lot of abuse out at Moab as I am not lifted and on 235's.:D