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DeRocha's '93 XLT 4x4 (4" SkyJacker Class II)

Suspension Lift: 4" Skyjacker Class II (Installation Manual)
Body Lift: Daystar Body mounts & 3/4" Body lift
Shocks: Rancho RS9000X- RS99115(F), RS99266®
Tires: BFG TA K/O 33x12.50
Wheels: American Racing type 23 15x10 3.75BS
Hubs: Warn Manuals
Gears: Yukon 4.10s 8.8 TA Diff Girdle
Rear Locker: Aussie Locker (Installation Guide)
Intake: KKM Intake
Exhaust: FlowMaster CAT back 50 series
Alarm: Prestige (Audiovox)
CB Radio: Cobra 18WX STII

Warrior Shackles
Energy Suspension PolyUrathane Bushings
(Radius arm, Axle Pivot, front/rear sway bars).
Curt Class III reciever with Shackle recovery
Grizzly Grill Guard with Hella 500 lights
Restored Frame (Sandblasted & Coated with POR-15)
Fumoto Oil Drain valve.


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looks like a really sweet x though, i like the 33's on it.

That is really really nice the tires are perfect, and you have 12.50 so they extend out of the fenders a little makes it look that much better. Lets see some more pictures.

My truck next to Matt's stock height 2nd Gen.

Damned good lookin' '93, DeRocha.....the 33s 'set it up' nice....:)

thats nice lookin good job