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"Desert 4x4 Ranger" Dixon Long Travel Front Suspension

Hey everyone,
New to this board, and I hope my Ranger does not offend anyone. I bought the Wife an X but she won't let me make a it a Prerunner.

I just had the Dixon front kit put on my truck and love it. Here is what I started with:

I got the Dixon kit on with FOX remote resevoir coilovers and Glassworks 6" 'glass fenders.

This is what it looks like now:

I am saving up to get the rear done. While watching the Terrible's Town 250 I thrashed the rear fender wells when the axle articulated getting to the spot.

I am thinking of the new Trophy Truck bedsides. My friend has them and they look sick. Definately going with Deavers and have not decided on the bedcage. I think I still need the bed since I got rid of my Wife's Toyota Truck.

Anyways I'll keep posting if anyone is interested.

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your welcome here but i know a couple sites rite up your alley....take a look at dezertrangers.com....you will find all kinds of stuff for prerunners there...but you will find all the knowledge here so keep coming back...and again, welcome

Sweet Ranger, and welcome to the site! :)

Man, i wish i lived in an area were i could use a prerunner. :(

Look again at the various forum names, u'll see 1 of them says "Ford Ranger Enthusiast Forum".....so quit thinking any1 here would be offended.......:):)