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Desert Excursion


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November 23, 1999
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Mingo Junction, OH
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1994 Explorer Sport
Well folks....we did it. The Explorer Sport Track is now expanding. Ford is now displaying a concept truck at several shows. I like it a ton. The one they are showing is fully loaded with everything a 4x4er will need, 35" tires fit with no problem,full screen GPS,built in Fire extenguiser, several areas for storage, and a truck bed. On top of that the window from the cab to the bed opens fully to the rear. Add that to a suspension whith leaf-springs all around and manual hubs with a switch to select the low/high gears and your good to go. What do you think??? I myself would love to get one of these for everyday use and make my explorer a killer 4x4. To think...I don't like the Excursion, and I don't like the Sport Track, but combine the two and I'm in love. Now if only we ever see one.



BTW....they also added Piaa fog lights to the rear just to make Matt happy :)

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The Desert Excursion was first unveiled at the '99 SEMA show. I wonder what they'll have in store for this year??

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The guys from ford-offroad said that they were going into talks with the designers of the truck to see about a possible release. As of right now this is the only one(I didn't know it had been out this long). They are starting to show it more and more to try to get some public feedback.

Rick....Watch for several more Excursions and several F350 SuperDuty's. There were several of both from ford-offroad on display.

I don't believe ANY of these off road beasts will see a production plant. It is unfortunate.

To be honest with you if you were to kill the 35" tires you would more or less have a sport track on the excursion frame. From several people that I've talked to that don't like the sport track one of the things they don't like is the size. It seems that you lost a bit of space inside...I don't know though??? One of the first things that came into my mind though is that it almost looks like a Hummer with the 4doors and the truck bed. With GM in part with the Hummer maybe this will be Fords answer to it?? I can hope can't I??

I don't know, when I saw it at the auto show here in Denver, I thought it looked awesome, same goes for the arctic explorer.

2 things...Personally GM's new H2....Hate it....It's a totally trendy hummer that loses alot of the old rougher style of the hummer.....2 I'll say it's a hell of a truck if it comes with beadlocks and swampers stock!

Looks good, but I have a couple questions...

Seem like it would do well in a desert situation, but how about turning radius around sharp trail turns?

Would the girth( wideness ) get in the way of making it a practical trail machine?

I'll take one! I like the F-150 SuperCrew, but I like the solid axle / leaf spring suspension of this one.

hmm... if those are PIAAs in the rear they must be 510's... but I do like the looks of it a lot! It looks like they integrated the exhaust with the bumper? Very cool feature IMHO. Love that GPS!

matt.....the piaa's are the 510, but they are not intergrated with the bumper. The exhaust is though.

goober....your're right, this wouldn't make for a good trail truck IMHO with tight turns, but it's about as wide as the F350 so it wouldn't be the worst either. I think the designers made it "look" like it was for off-highway use to draw some attention. Like I said before, you add some highway tires and you've got a larger sport track. Is this going to be like the Expedition was to the Explorer??? Only using the Excursion name because it's fresh in the publics mind???