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Desert Rat Meet and Greet Saturday July 19th - Tucson, AZ

its hard to tell since I was aired down in truckhaven, and I was only slightly aired down here (only front left tire)... and the ramp here was a 20 degree ramp..

They did just as good, if not slightly better.. I was able to use an RTI calculator to convert my RTI score into verticles inches.. that way my 30 degree score and my 20 degree score would now be on the same playing field.

At truckhaven I got my tire about 26" in the air (verticle distance)...

At Desert Rat meet n Greet the tire again went 26" in the air.. Soo.. If I aired down, the new springs may have given me a little better score as the front springs are longer than my old ones...

One thing I did notice though is that I need to hurry up and do whatever I'm going to do to the suspension soon.. With 1/2 a tank of gas in the truck I have 1-1.5" of lean to the drivers side.. Ricks old springs (ome-36) are pretty much dead.. I really want to get the SOA and the extended Arms up front.. but currently I'm working on the tow vehicle.. as I need that done before I take down the X becuase the X is the only thing I have that can pull our trailer (It ain't going behind the mustang on honda :))


i think every explorer does that i kinda feel if it doesn't there is a problem

Its gotten worse over the years.. I even have an extra spacer under the drivers front coil to help.. but the rear springs are the one having issues.. I got them from Rick about 200k miles ago.. and they were soft to begin with (they flex really well).