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Detroit Truetrac, 4:88 gears, 8.8 install question


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August 31, 2006
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Zillah Washington
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2004 F-150, 2006 Ranger
I'm having issues with my new Detroit Truetrac and 4:88 gears. After the axles are installed and the "C" clips are in place an axle spacer is inserted between the axles. A retaining cylinder is then installed and held in place with a snap ring.

The problem is with the 4:88 gears I don't have room to insert the retaining cylinder. Should I grind the ring gear or the retaining cylinder for clearance? Grinding the gears a little are common on the Detroit locker but with the Truetrac I think the grinding could lead to a ring gear failure. Have any of you experienced this before? Thanks

I remember hearing something about that recently... Check out Give those guys a call and they might have some ideas for you...