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Diagnose why my tires rub...


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June 15, 2007
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ok im running 33x12.5r15 tires on 15x8 wheels with 3.75" backspacing
have a body lift and 2" Torsion twist
now when i originally did the lift and put the wheels/tires on i only had minor rubbing of the rocker molding so i trimmed them
now about a year later the drivers side front tire rubs the fender linder and catches on it when i turn hard left
never did that before...
could my torsion bars have wore out that quick and dropped it down some so now it rubs? My spring code is "12" so that means i have the strongest torsion bars ford puts out for our truck.
Kinda confused why it only does it on that side and only recently
truck looks level *shrug*

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You have a full tank of gas?

gain some weight?

(suspension is wearing out probably, new shocks/springs needed maybe)

Mine did the same thing, same side, same spot.
But I'd have to be cranked full left and really compress the suspension on something.
My guess is that it just wasn't trimmed quite enough, and the torsion bars used to sit slightly higher while the shocks were slightly stiffer, and didn't use to let it compress that far...?
Just cut up some more ;)

guess ill replace the shocks with some rancho 5000's and see what happens

Shocks have no effect on ride height, the merely control the oscillations of the springs/torsion bars.

but if they were worn out then there would be more body roll

Possibly a very negligable amount. If you can compress the shocks with your hands and arms, that amount of resistance will have little to no effect of ride height given the forces and weight exerted. Unless the shocks have very, very strong valving/dampening (usually only found in custom built racing shocks), the gain on body roll will be minuscule. The new shock however, will slow down, but not limit, the amount of spring travel, jounce and rebound helping to keep the tires in contact with the road/ground. Larger, stiffer (torsionally) anti-sway bars have a much more dramatic effect on body roll than unassisted shocks ever could.