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Diagnostic Help Please


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February 26, 2010
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2000 XLT AWD V-8
I have a 2000 XLT V-8 AWD. It has 119k miles. A few weeks ago it began running rough. This was mostly after start up and while accelerating especially up hill. I presumed it needed a tune-up. I don't drive it every day so I did not do anything right away. Two weeks ago I needed to use it for a longer trip...1.5 hours driving. I noticed a faint sweet (probably coolant) smell both inside and outside but the temp gauge was fine. Took another long trip 5hrs last weekend. The temp was fine but the smell seemed stronger. No coolant on the ground. The check engine light has been on but no other warning lights. Drove for 1/2 hour today. The heat seems to work while driving but when the car is stopped the heat blows cold. Again, temp is fine, no other warnings but when I parked steam was coming out from the hood and later discovered coolant in the snow. Can anyone give me a clue what this issue(s) might be?
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First you'll have to let it cool down to replenish coolant level. While hood is up, look for any obvious signs of coolant leak (ie. hoses and behind water pump) Your temp guage isn't correct if you had steam and coolant on snow without an overheating indication. Could be thermostat sticking, could be clogging heater core (did this only happen with heat on) etc