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Diamond Clear Headlight Condensation Fix.. with pics naturally


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August 7, 2007
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well i'm still new on this forum and i'm not sure if i posted this in the right place but feel free to move it wherever appropriate moderators :thumbsup:

those who bought the diamond type clear headlights might have encountered this problem, water in the headlight assembly! i got mine in ebay for a killer deal (the only reason i shop there.. but dont get me wrong, i love that auction site!) and one day there was this storm that poured really hard for the whole night. The next day was bright and shiny and my passenger side headlight had water in it.



there are a lot of threads here if you use the search option on how to take care of it and preventive solutions like aldives upper vent/tube.

I just like to share how i did mine...:salute:

made a list of what to take care off..
1.clean up the inside and dry it up good.
-i used a plastic chopstick and a flexible tube and lots of lint free paper towels since i dont have a hair dryer and my black&decker heat gun pooped out.

after it was all dry, i decided to find out if there was a leak.
i used the bathtub+mirror+"waterproofed" flashlight method. Fill up the tub, drop in the mirror and flashlight then dip the headlight lens deep enough in the water to submerge the sealed part of the assembly. with the mirror, look if there are any sighns of water sipping into the housing. next blow into the hole where the bulb goes in. Take a deep breath and blow hard into it and HOLD THAT PRESSURE for as long as you can. mine had a leak on one of the corners and spurted out air bubbles when i blew into it:

ripples made by the bubbles


tools used

Ok, i found the leak, sealed it with clear rtv silicone sealant but theres one more thing that’s left. Ventilation!

2.ventilation - the original headlamps had these little vent buttons with rubber seals/o-rings located at the bottom of each housing. they look like these:


and they go into that hole with the circular frame:

so i just used those buttons to ventilate my ebay headlamps. i started with the smallest metal drill bit that i have stepping up to the next size till i had a 1/4" hole. i brought out my x-acto knives and use them to smooth out the edges and clean up the drill fuzz. Stuck the button vent in the hole and voila! sealed and vented headlamps:



tested them twice at the local carwash and so far no condensation of any kind.

Hope this helps!!