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Did a search...now my head is spinning...Need New Tires for my Sport Trac 4x4...

I got 74,000 miles out of my 265 75 16 4 ply Toyo Open Country AT's...now its time for some new tires..After searching "Sport Trac" in this forum, I found all these tires listed below in one post or another after only a couple pages of postsand its enough to make my head spin. Tire Rack's site doesnt help either as one review will say Tire X is the best tire ever and then the next post will be, "No, Don't buy Tire X, its crap...."

Unlike a lot of you guys, I don't do much rock crawling or offroad so traction in mud is not an issue although I do like the tire to look aggressive. My wife drives my daughter around in this truck a lot and my first concern is just traction in the rain as my wife has the tendency to whip around curves and on ramps at the same speed regardless of slickness, we do get the occassional snow here in Cincinnati so it would nice not to have to worry about them when the white death comes callin... I'm not too concerned about noise, getting decent wear is somewhat of a priority (I'm happy with anything that lasts at least 40k miles) and as far as cost goes, I don't want to break the bank if I don't have to, I can say I don't want elcheapo specials however.

Can you make some suggestions?

Here is a list that I got from various posts:

Hankook Dynapro rf10 ATM

Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs

Goodyear Wrangler Authority's

Yokohama Geolandars AT/S

Goodyear silent Armors

Falken High Country A/T

Definity A/T's

BFG All Terrains

Michelin LTX AT2's


Nokian Vatiiva

Bridgestone Revo



Firestone Destination A/T

Duratracs seem to be all the rage and great in all conditions. I haven't had them but if I was in the market for a similar tire, I'd have no hesitation to give them a try.

We had the Michelin M/S2s on our Tahoe and they were great. Didn't look real aggressive but it was my wife's truck and she didn't care about that.

General grabber at2 have served me well, and also I put the hankook atm on my moms rig and I am liking those as well.

Firestone Destination A/T should fit your needs nicely. It's also rated quite well (#1 actually) on tirerack.com. I plan on putting them on my VUE that is also a pavement pounder. Plus they are made in the USA.

It's true that reviews can be all over the board, but if you look at the overall ratings and compare them against total miles driven on, the Firestones hold up quite well.