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Did i just buy the wrong Body Lift (SUM-7888300 )


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August 4, 2005
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'98 sport
I was going to buy the pa-883 lift but i read i should get the pa-853 if i want the right steering extension. I went for the middle and got the SUM-7888300 and the shifter extension. I was looking in the pictures of the lift and I am not sure if it comes with the brakeline extensions along with a few other things the PA kits come with. If someone has used the summit body lift could you please tell me if i need to send this thing right back and get the pa-883 or 853? .. summit link check it out and tell me what you guys think.. Thanks :thumbsup: ohh and yes i have searched the site.. so dont wheel out the flame throwers!

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Performance Accessories PA-883 is the correct body lift for a 98-2001. The 95-97 uses a the PA-853 kit. Not sure on the Summit versions, I never bought them but it should work as long as you buy their equivalent to the PA-883 kit.

I guess i will just have to find out the hard way. I just hope it comes with the brake line brackets. If not i will just fab sme up really fast while i am fabbing bumper brackets that dont look like poo. Still would like to know what is ahead of me before i get into it. I hope saving 30 bucks didnt cost me 4-5 hours of pain the arse labor.

You don't need any brake line mounts/attachments/etc. You only lifting the body of the frame. No suspension works is being performed.

Ok I hope you are right. I just thought I saw some rolaction brackets on some lifts. i guess I will just ahve to see how it goes. Thanks for the input!